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Putta Madhu talks in police interrogation

  • Lived  underground for 10 days
  • Arrested at Bhimavaram, AP, by Ramagundam task force
  • Fled for fear of being arrested, says Madhu

Karimnagar: Peddapalli ZP Chairman Putta Madhu opened his mouth in police interrogation on Saturday. After Kishna Rao, father of the murdered advocate Vamana Rao, filed complaint against Madhu to inquire his role in the murder, Madhu escaped without telling gunman and driver from police guest house. Madhu was supposed to appear for questioning  by police, but with fear of arrest he fled to Maharastra. He stayed there for two days and went to his daughter in Chhattisgarh. Madhu who is facing charges in Manthani lawyer couple murder case, reached Odisha from Chhattisgarh and from there to Bhimavaram, AP. It seems that Madhu denied his role in lawyer couple murder case during interrogation, but police questioned him about his relationship with Bittu Srinu. Did Bittu Srinu murder them without your order? Who gave supari to Bittu Srinu, who arranged money for the accused? These are some of  the questions faced by Madhu during interrogation.

Putta Madhu, a weapon to hurt Etala Rajender

Task force released a press note that Madhu was in their custody and interrogation is going on in connection with lawyers’ murder case. This is as a result  of the complaint filed by Kishna Rao, father of late Vamana Rao. Putta Madhu is a major follower of former Minister Etala Rajender who is facing land grab allegations. Etala was sacked from post of minister and former minister came up with allegations against KCR. Putta Madhu has gone into hiding since the press meet. Government started the hunt for Etala’s  followers and Madhu’s arrest is against this back drop and police are trying to get complete information about Etala as per sources.

Madhu’s wife meets ministers

Few days back, Madhu’s wife, Muncipal Chairman Sailaja met TRS minsiters seeking to know the where about of Putta Madhu, later she said that Madhu was diagnosied with Corona symptoms and he was in isolation. Next day, the task force released pressnote that Madhu was in their custody. But as per reliable sources, Madhu has been in custody for more than three days. Madhu, who was accused in VamanaRao’s murder case, has been already interrogated by Ramagundam commissionrate police. It has been three months since Vamana Rao couple were killed. At that time Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao himself claimed that none of the big leaders were involved in the murder. Now the question arises after police took Madhu into custody in connection with Vamana Rao’s  murder. This is all because of old cases being revived on Madhu. Police strongly believe that Madhu knows very well about Rajender’s assets and business dealings very well. It looks very clear that Putta Madhu is being used as a weapon to target Etala Rajender by the government.


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