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Putta Madhu, Peddapalli ZP chairman, arrested

  • Cause of arrest not known
  • Taken into custody at Bhimavaram, AP
  • Now in Ramagundam Task force custody

Karimnagar:  As expected, Putta Madhu, key aide of Etala Rajender, was taken into custody by Ramagundam Task force in the early hours of Saturday at Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh. Exact reasons were not specified by police for arrest of Madhu, but sources say, it was in connection with recent murder of advocate Vamanarao and his wife.

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Etala close follower

There is a talk that Putta Madhu is a close aide of former minister  Etala Rajender who  was sacked by  Chief Minister  K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR)  recently after the former faced land grab allegations. From day one of Etala’s press meet, Putta Madhu went to an undisclosed location. There were rumours that ruling party will create hurdles for Etala for his future political agenda. Madhu’s name was involved in brutal murder of advocate Vamana Rao and the police interrogated him for a few days after the incident took place, later he was left out for some reasons. Now once again, his name came into lime light after Etala faced problems with KCR. This is apolitical vendetta, claim Etala followers.

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Doors getting closed for Madhu?

As per Manthani TRS leaders, doors are getting closed for Madhu from escaping and will be punished in connection with advocate’s  murder allegations. Madhu family members recently met TRS MLAs and leaders and clarified that Madhu will be in TRS party only and will not move out with Rajender, but their explanations appear to be futile. There were rumours spread in Karimnagar district that CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao had talks with Congress MLA M. Sridhar Babu and invited him into TRS to counter Etala . Sridhar Babu may join TRS in coming days.

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Etala gets Support

Former Chevalla MP K. Visweswara reddy and former TRS MLA Enugu Ravinder Reddy extended support for Etala Rajender. Visweswara reddy said that Jamuna ( Etala’s wife) is  related to him and came to extend support for their family at this crucial juncture.  However he clarified that they did not dicuss political issues. People of Telangana will walk with Rajender during this crisis, konda said. There were postings  on social media saying that four former MLAs of ruling party and leaders who worked in Telangana agitation will follow Etala in future.

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