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DRDO’s 2-DG drug receives DCGI emergency approval for Covid treatment

  • Effective in controlling viral growth
  • Hospitalised patients can recover faster with this drug
  • Drug developed by DRDP in association with Dr. Reddy’s laboratories
  • Key development in treatment of Corona virus

New Delhi: It is said to be one of the key developments  in Covid treatment after DCGI gave emergency approval for 2-DG drug which was developed by DRDO with Dr. Reddy laboratories.  An anti coronavirus therapeutic application of the drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose(2-DG) was found to be more effective in moderate to severe cases after three stages of  clinical trials which went on between April 2020 to March 2021.

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One of the most significant features of the drug is it helps faster recovery of hospitalised patients and also reduces their dependence on Oxygen supplement. Patients who were treated with this drug have reportedly tested negative for coronavirus in RT-PCR test. DRDO released a statement which states that, “being a generic molecule and analogue of glucose, it can be produced easily and made available in plenty”.

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2-DG drug in oral form

The drug which was given emergency approval comes in powder form in a sachet. This can be dissolved in water and can be taken orally in easy way. There  is no need for a patient to go to hospital for injection and can take at home on her/his own. As soon as the drug is taken orally, it accumulates in the virus infected cells and prevents virus multiplication or synthesis and energy production. The drug also reduces the period of stay in hospital for coronavirus patients and also save precious lives due to the mechanism of operation of the drug in infected cells.

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Completes 3 phases of clinical trials

The first phase of drug was completed in April-May 2020 and second phase trials continued between May 2020 and October 2020 after DCGI sanctioned clinical trials. Second phase was administered in a total of 110 patients who were admitted in hospitals in the country and results showed that when the drug was administered, patients recovered in 2.5 days earlier than other patients. Third phase of clinical trials took place between December 2020 and March 2021. Around 220 patients who were admitted in 27 hospitals across the country participated in trials and results showed faster recovery and reduced dependence of oxygen when drug was administered. This is certainly good news for Indians who are with moderate to severe symptoms of COVID

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