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COVID second wave: States responsible for tragedy

  • Surge in cases due to negligence by States
  • Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala cause for surge in cases

Hyderabad: Yes, the second wave of COVID pandemic is terrifying and worrying factor in India. The surge in cases for the past 10 days with positivity rate increase is a danger signal to citizens of India. It is clear that States are not prepared to stand against the second wave with precautionary measures, hence the worst scenario.

The Prime Minister is reviewing the matter for two weeks either with CM’s of States or with Health Ministry though busy in West Bengal campaign. He, however, did not stop addressing huge election rallies in West Bengal. West Bengal CM Mamata, who is also busy with elections, skipped all the review meetngs on COVID by Prime Minister. Now the blame is that West Bengal is in severe pandemic condition and need urgent medical oxygen supply and vaccines. Mamata blamed the PM for exporting vaccines without taking care of Indian States.

States Solely Responsible

Recent statement by Delhi CM Kejriwal surprised everyone. As per his words, state is in need of oxygen and need train coaches for isolation beds. Kejriwal few days back came on electronic media saying that state is fully prepared to withstand the pandemic and 5000 beds are available in Government hospitals. But on Sunday he had sent SOS to the centre for the supply oxygen. We have seen farmers protest going on in Delhi for the past four months which is one of the major causes for surge in cases as per experts. The protesters or supporters who came to Delhi became carriers for COVID to their native States such as Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan. CM Kejriwal did not warn or tried to stop the protest and he himself welcomed them with supply of air coolers. What does it mean? Secondly oxygen supply is the issue related to States and not to Central Government, but politicising the issue and pushing the Centre in the blame game is another big lapse on the part of Delhi CM at present condition.

West Bengal is another state responsible for surge in cases with electoral factor. Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee after 5 phases decided to stop rallies keeping in view of surge in cases. But don’t forget that during Bihar elections, nine opposition parties along with Congress wrote a letter to EC that virtual campaign is exclusionary during the first wave of pandemic. They also said that poll pattern and exercise will not become a ‘Super spreader event’.

Maharashtra witnessed cases above 20,000 per day for more than three weeks in March did not think of a lockdown or any other preventive measures like containment zones. When the score crossed 60,000 per day and when condition is out of hands, the Maha government  came up with a mini lockdown, but by this time, it is  enough for virus to spread across state and from there to neighbouring states like Telangana. It is a biggest blunder by Maharashtra State government.

Covid pandemic numbers Kerala and Maharashtra never came down below 10% from first wave and has been continuing now in second wave too.

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All political parties played their role

All political parties of five States which went on poll recently and bypolls in Telangana, Andhra and Karnataka are also responsible for the surge in cases. Political rallies carried out during campaign became super spreaders. Telugu states of Andhra and Telangana too played key role in surge of cases. However, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, had cancelled his scheduled public meeting at Tirupati in view of the fast spreading second Covid wave.  Nagarjunasagar by poll is said to be one of the reasons for surge in cases in sagar and in Nalgonda. Surprisingly Telangana is going for Corporation elections in Khammam and Warangal districts and Municipal elections in a few other districts. It is better to postpone these elections for a few weeks keeping in view of pandemic. Andhra Pradesh witnessed Municipal, Panchayat elections and Tirupathi LS by poll. As per experts, there will be surge in cases in coming days due to these and now the scenario in AP is tense with beds in hospitals are full.

Negligence on the part of the people

 Harsh to say, but the fact is that the people of India are also equally responsible as the governments for the surge in Corona cases. When second wave started in Feb. last week, public took it lightly and moved as if Corona virus is thrown out of India. There were no proper guidelines followed as before. Even when Government is giving adds about masks, sanitisation and social distancing, people took it lightly which is resulting in high mortality rate and increase in number of cases.


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