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Is Nellore Anandayya under political pressure?

  • Corporates enter the scene
  • Anandayya became world famous overnight
  • Have his movements been restricted by politicians?
  • ICMR to start trails from Monday.

Nellore: The wonder medicine (yet to be approved by ICMR) touted as a permanent cure for COVID-19 drew popular enthusiasm all over globe. Thanks to TV channels and social media for giving much importance to a local self proclaimed practitioner from a small village in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. The distribution of medicine was temporarily halted by AP Government for past four days and scientific evidence to know its efficacy is eagerly awaited.

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Where is Anandayya?

Sections 144 was imposed in Krishnapatnam and Anandayya was made to stop preparation of medicine, all ingredients of the medicine were taken into police custody and the room where he was preparing the medicine was sealed. This raised many concerns among  Anandayya’s  followers and people of AP who are eagerly waiting for his herbal medicine. There were rumours on Friday that Anandayya was arrested and taken into custody for not following COVID protocol while distributing medicine. Late, SP clarified that he is safe with police security. He was not allowed to meet his family members or his followers. Social media was flooded with tweets that his followers were restricted from movement and in the control of the police without any further action.

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Issue takes political turn

When Anandayya’s news became public knowledge through mouth publicity that his medicine was curing Covid (not yet proved scientifically until now), Government immediately halted the distribution of medicine from Thursday, but ruling YSRCP MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy came into picture suddenly and said medicine will be distributed from Friday in his presence. There were rumours  that the MLA took preventive dose of Anandayya’s medicine and some samples were sent to CMO office too. This was confirmed by one Raju, a follower of Anandayya in an ABN Andhra Jyothy debate on Monday. The presence of minister Perni Nani and MLA Chevi Reddy Bhaskar Reddy on consecutive days at Nellore raised eyebrows.  Irrigation Minister from Nellore Anil Kumar was not seen in picture when whole Andhra Pradesh is looking at his constituency. MLA Govardhan Reddy  addressed the media and thanked CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and Vice President Venkiah Naidu for commissioning scientific study of Anandayya’s medicine by ICMR and Central Council For Research In Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS).Anandayya who is staying at his relative’s house in Nellore came into picture along with MLA Govardhan Reddy. Anandayya was interrupted many times by MLA when the former was addressing media on Sunday. The question arises now that the ruling party is trying to hijack the issue of Anandayya’s medicine  and wants to take the credit as per sources. In fact, Anandayya who is supporter of ruling party, YSRCP, at last came with a statement that he will distribute the medicine with the support of government.

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 Has corporate sector entered the scene?

There was news that Anandayya was offered a huge amount by a  corporate house  for the medicine preparation and distribution by them throughout India. The offer was reportedly  rejected by Anandayya. This news became more significant after people of Nellore came to know that corporate hospitals had an emergency meeting  on Saturday and discussed about their future if herbal medicine gets approval from ICMR. It is clear that Anandayya should be in safe hands until ICMR gives a clear picture with scientific study on herbal medicine.

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Singhal says no adverse reaction to the medicine

Anil Kumar Singhal, Principal secretary, health, government of Andhra Pradesh, has said there has been adverse reaction to Anandayya’s drug. He said he has not received any negative feedback from the patients who took the medicine in thousands from Anandayya. The course adopted by the government to get it examined and then approved is the best once since it has to with the lives of the people.

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Ayush Report indicates green signal

 Ayush team headed by Ramulu clearly hinted that the medicine is not harmful and ingredients used for it are safe. Ayush also clarified that if anyone interested to take medicine they can take voluntarily. After that TTD Ayurveda experts moved a step forward and said that they are ready to prepare and distribute the medicine en masse  if the government permitted. ICMR team will start its study on Monday and its report will be crucial for Anandayya to move forward. He said he is ready to distribute medicine irrespective of the report as he is confident that medicine will work and cure coronavirus.

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Anandayya gets support from political parties

All political parties were seen in race to support Anandayya. Narayana fro CPI said that Anandayya medicine has no harmful ingredients and should be distributed without any delay. He visited Krishnapatnam and Nellore two days ago and enquired from people about the herbal medicine and got feedback from the patients who took it. All gave positive reply which made Narayana issue that statement. TDP leaders Somireddy Chandrasekhara Reddy and party’s Chief Chandrababu Naidu also supported Anandayya’s medicine, BJP and Jana Sena are yet to respond. Jana Vignyana Vedika  said that there is nothing  wrong in distributing the medicine when people are satisfied with it and moving freely without any complications. It is better to do it faster as the cases are mounting, it said.

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Use on patients who are on ventilator

Anandayya’s medicine can be used on patients who are on ventilator on last stages felt Allopathic doctors’ team and Ayurvedic doctors’ panel. “Medicine can be given on a trial basis without delay in waiting for ICMR approval. We have seen plasma therapy as a trial for one year and same with different drugs, even Remdisiver failed in many cases, why can’t we take a chance on the patients who are in last stage?” Ayurvedic experts said.


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