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Puneeth Rajkumar, the hero who won hearts of forever

  • Even 10 days after death, lakhs visited Rajkumar’s tomb everyday
  • Love couples got married at his grave
  • State Government to honour with prestigious awards
  • Died at age of 46, but his services will be remembered forever

Bangalore: It is true that in Indian cinema history, no hero’s name remembered after 10 days of demise. Kananda power star Puneeth is an exception in that, still lakhs of fans have been visiting his tomb, love couples getting married at his grave, all these show how much love and respect the  actor had  gained from the people of Karnataka. “It’s not how many years we live, its how many people are happy when we are around.” The phrase exactly suits the late actor. The news that the actor was no more resulted in 16 fans getting heart attack, can u believe?  This shows how much popularity the actor gained in Karnataka. His services and deeds made Puneeth immortal in the hearts of people today. With a vision that his charity should run continuously without any financial crisis, actor made fixed deposit of 8 crore for his charity trust.

Basava Sri Award to be announced

Now after observing all these, Karnataka Government has decided to present a prestigious outstanding Award to Puneeth after his demise. It is an award given to a few who are acclaimed along with best service programmes. It is well known that most of the people in Karnataka worship Basaveshwara.  News is coming out that State Government has decided to give outstanding Basava Sri Award to late Puneeth. Official announcement will come out in few days.

Fans also wrote a letter to CM in recognition of services of Puneeth and requested to give him the title of Karnataka Ratna. Government responded in positive way as per sources.

Award  ‘Padma Shri’, say Ministers

Karnataka ministers joined chorus along with fans that Puneeth should be awarded Padma Shri posthumously. B. C. Patil and Anand Singh requested CM Basvaraj to carry this recommendation to Central government. He should have been awarded with Padma Shri when he was alive for his achievements, unfortunately , as he was no longer alive, it could be given to him posthumously, felt sitting Ministers.

Leader of Opposition, senior congress leader Sidharamiah also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to award Padma Shri to Puneeth posthumously.

 It is no small matter that a person  lived in the hearts of so many people even after his death. But the Kannada power star did it and showed it. The fans could do nothing but pray God to bring peace to his soul and continue the great deeds he had done.


  1. Can we get PVR Narasimha Rao’s email id, so
    that we can ask about other states happenings and fate of cong leaders, communist and TMC Mamtha Banerjee.


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