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Modi will handover reins to Yogi in middle of next term

  • A US based Telugu astrologer predicts power transition among many things
  • From Andhra elections to world war, everything is foretold

PVR Narasimha Rao is a US-based Astrologer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from IIT, Madras and  a Masters  from Rice University, Houston.He went into Research of Astrology because he had doubts about the Science.. Today, he is an acknowledged Master in Astrology. Like late Bejan Daruwala, Narasimha Rao also has become famous for his predictions.

Rao claims to combine his knowledge of Sanskrit with Scientific temper to conduct fresh Research into the teachings of the Rishis. Among other prophecies, Rao accurately predicted the Covid Pandemic and Donald Trump’s defeat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Here is the gist of his predictions:

1. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, CM of Andhra Pradesh, is having good political perod running for the next term also. He can be defeated the next time only if the other side is authentic and committed. Otherwise, Jagan will win another term in as CM.

2. Yogi Adityanath will sail through 2022 Vidhan Sabha Elections with comfortable majority.

3. BJP will win 2024 National Elections, but by early 2026 Modi will hand over the reins of the government to Yogi Adityanath and retire.

4. The year 2030-2031 is likely to witness a major World War (aka) a Mahabharat. India will be steered brilliantly by Yogi Adityanath in those troubling times.

5. Tibet will be freed in the next 10-15 years while China will be balkanized into many parts.

6. US is destined to go down steadily, like UK did post WW-II.

7. For Afghanistan, the light at the end of the tunnel is far away. I see no hope for any improvement till 2042.

8. Very bad times are in the offing for Pakistan from mid-2022. Taliban-created insurgency will trigger problems for both Pakistan and China. China is likely to see more unrest in Xinjiang Province by Uighurs, supported by Taliban.

9. Middle East will burn. There is going to be a turmoil ripping through Major Powers in the Middle East. Iran will be the epicentre of this turmoil.

10. The years between 2019 to 2036 are the most turbulent for the World. Look at the 20th Century; things were very bad from 1920 to 1945, (i.e) 25 years.. The Great Pandemic created havoc in 1920, the Great Depression started in 1920s, followed by World War. Same pattern will unfold in the 21st Century, but for not that long a period. Great Depressions are indeed expected after 2026, followed by a brief World War between 2030-2032, and then things will start cooling off.

11. The population of Apostates, Atheists etc. is going to explode in every religion. While this will be good for Hinduism, it is going to be very bad for Abrahiminic faiths (Christian), and worse for Islam.

12. Western Civilization is basically unsustainable. It is against nature. Older civilizations like Indian, Latin American, Aboriginals of New Zealand, Australia & Africa were far more in sync and compatible with environment. Western civilization cannot be sustained by nature even for a few decades from now

13. The coming apocalypse is nothing but a ‘Course Correction’ by Nature. After this turmoil is over, the World will move towards a sustainable way of living, a Dharmic way of life, (i.e) towards Sanatan Dharm…

Editor’s note:  We believe only in fact based rationalistic approach. Since the astrologer is popular, we are publishing his prophesies for information so that curious people may read and verify with the facts since some of the predictions are about elections which are not far away.

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  2. Yes, he is very correct in predicting a very good future for our Bharat, because our Sanatan Sanskriti is the ultimate saviour of Mankind..
    If we take Governance as the hardware, our Sanatan Sanskriti is the best software available in the universe, with an inbuilt Antivirus app.
    For a sustainable governance Sanatan Sanskriti is the only recourse…
    Jago Sanatanis Jago Aur Jagao 🙏
    Vande Mataram 🙏
    Bharat Mata ki Jai 🙏

  3. We Want and in Need to protect India.
    We also need our Indian Culture, on traditional base Hinduism🕉️. Every citizens of India must feel and wake our Culture MOTHER LAND, MOTHER COUNTRY– INDIA.

    • Which 50% will come true, and which are constructed on pebbles? And if you know all this, then you must be a greater astrologer….

  4. Science itself is a God.
    God never predicted anything’s on far and against History and Geography..
    So let’s not apprehensive…….,,

  5. Even , I , too expecting the same , ie Modi give it up to Yogi mid of next term. It must happen Yogi will for next 15 years . So India will peaceful RaamRaajya.

  6. He may be a Veere Bhakth. His prediction may be in perverse. The greatest pessimist perceiving Yogi as Great administrator instead of a disaster.

  7. His prediction must be correct. The great
    Nostradamus astrologer also predicted
    that one saffron dressed man will rule INDIA.
    Also INDIA would emerge as world leader and Big Powerful country.
    If PVR Narasimha Rao’s email id is given, I want ask about Lalluprasad, Prasanth Kishore, Mamtha Banerjee and many other

  8. Funny prediction
    Thinks good for his religion and country and speaks bad the whole world
    Ugly looking creature with sick mentality requires phycatric

    • Yes Modi is a big evil for the Country Big Lier, Hate, Evil Man. Who needs to be demolished, before he can kill another more millions of Hindus by Feku Corrupt Modi’s Mismanagement of Indian Economy, where multi millions of Indians are gone hungry and dying.

  9. No astrologers predict covid 19. Still we are believing astrology. God power is there. No need to believe prediction. Astrologer is not God.

  10. Can I get to know of his earlier predictions please?

    Also what is his predictions for Upcoming and Corruption free Dynamic AAP and it’s Leadership ARVIND Kejriwal, Sanjay Singh, RAJNISH Verma and others

  11. Einstein’s theory says that every event from big bang (origin of universe) to end of everything is already fixed (block universe concept) and we r merely witness to unfolding of events. We don’t have free will. Eminent scientists agree. Neuroscience also says that free will is an illusion. One may search google or u tube for “block universe” to see the truth!

  12. BJP WINS 2024 Elections
    Jagan may come if same type of elections with his Bad force police,etc.
    China splits undoubtedly
    Talibans will become major headache to pak n China
    No one can stop these
    But only the world can stop world wars n global warming depressions if they unite in the interests of the human.

  13. I think and hope that his predictions do come true, but the experiences says, and is applicable across the board, no predictor is 100% correct, may be only upto 50 to 60% predictions have been correct.

  14. Hello Sir,

    I had watched all your YouTube recordings even before pandemic and all other predictions. With your acutare mathatical + astrological technicals calculation you could able to predicts so accurately. As we know, you are a working in a software company. Have ever considering implementing all your knowledge embedding to software programming and AI based predictions. Please do so for great benefit of mankind.

  15. Wow 🤩 Happy for India and Hinduism as Hindus are converted forcefully and cunningly by other religions. Why can’t people just follow what they like and stop brainwashing others. Glad that Justice is not to far away. 😇
    Meanwhile, I pray for middle eastern countries to sail through easily during the tough times . Much love to all sensible and peaceful mankind 😍

  16. It’s good if Sanatana Dharma takes centre stage n becomes beacon for mankind, as it has survived so many upheavals. Even much of the Western world believes Sanskrit which has first degree compatibility to Computer Science n has much of knowledge of Vedas, Puranas is embedded in it , n is vouched for by the Germans. Not sounding chauvinistic, I belive the Sanatana Dharma should pave the way for universal brotherhood with its motto Vasudaika Kutumbam, meaning , the world is one family.


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