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Nellore Anandayya’s medicine in grip of confusion & conspiracy

Anandayya with MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy

  • ICMR not to go for clinical trials as it is not allopathic
  • Statements come from ruling party MLAs, not from Government or Health Minister
  • Why Medicine is getting prepared in large quantity secretly at Nellore?
  • What about patients who have side effects after taking medicine?

Nellore: There is a confusion coupled with conspiracy regarding Anandayya herbal medicine for a few days. The Government stopped distribution of medicine for 10 days stating that scientific study has to be done on the medicine. But the way things are going on looks to be leading to conspiracy rather than clarity on medicine. Government of AP directed ICMR and Ayush to study on the ingredients used in the herb. Information Minister Perni Nani, MLAs Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy , Kakani Goverdhan Reddy addressed media stating that ICMR team will visit Nellore on Monday, but there was nobody from the ICMR here clearly indicating that no role will be played by the central organisation. Ayush came out with a report that there is no harm in taking the medicine. Then why is the delay in distributing the medicine? Why has Anandayya been in the hands of ruling party MLAs? Why was he not allowed to speak with his family members?

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After ICMR refused to review the drug as it is not related to allopathy, ruling party MLAs said that CCRAS will conduct research on the drug. Two teams of Ayurvedic experts from Tirupathi and Vijaywada came for the research and tried to contact 500 members who used the drug to know after effects. Out of 500, as per experts,92 did not lift their phones, 42 people said they did not take the medicine, one phone number was given by 36 patients , some people said  that they took it the medicine as preventive. But by evening, the same experts’ panel said that they contacted all 500 members who took the medicine and gave positive report on Anandayya medicine.

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What about patients getting treated in GGH?

There are reports that many people have fallen ill after taking the herbal medicine. Nearly 36 patients are being treated at Nellore Government Hospital for side effects after taking the drug. For many of them, Oxygen levels seem to have dropped dangerously. A special ward has been reportedly set up for them and more treatment is being provided. Out of 36, six are reported to have died. It is not known if the death occurred due to the herb medicine. The number of victims of Anandayya herbicide which was earlier limited to one or two is gradually increasing which should be officially confirmed by Government sources. Why are they keeping it secret?

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Ruling party MLA has different version

Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy,YCP MLA, said that medicine will be prepared in huge quantity once it gets approval from Government. He visited Nellore and held talks with Anandayya’s team and inquired about the ingredients used in it and later said that all are available in large quantities at Seshachalam forest and can supply the medicine to thousands of people without any problem. Later by evening, he changed his version by saying that clinical trials should be done on rats and rabbits to know the toxicity of medicine and it will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to know the result.

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Why Anandayya kept in CVR College?

The visuals in electronic media showed that Anandayya is kept in 6th block of CVR college in Nellore, preparing medicine in huge quantity. When the final result was not cleared by Government, for whom he is preparing the medicine? There are rumours that his medicine is getting distributed in Telangana and Andhra to the followers of ruling party leaders . Anandayya’s elder son, who  stays in the US, appears to be worried on knowing these details. His second son reached Nellore from Bangalore and he is seen with ruling party MLA on Tuesday. The outcome of the medicine and on distribution will certainly take time as per sources.

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High Court Hearing on Thursday

A house motion petition has been filed in the AP High Court seeking directions to the government to take steps to make the Anandayya drug available to the public.

Lawyer Balaji appeared in the High Court on Wednesday on behalf of Uma Maheshwara Naidu of Anantapur district. The petitioner said that Anandayya was giving Ayurvedic medicine for the prevention of corona. The petitioner alleged that the state government had stopped the drug from being manufactured by Anandayya.

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The petitioners want the government to facilitate the distribution of drugs without any security problem. The petitioners told the court that the police were saying that they had stopped the distribution of drugs on the orders of the Lokayukta, but the Lokayukta does not have that power.

However, the petitioners said that it was not appropriate to stop the distribution of Anandayya’s medicine without any directions as the Lokayukta had not given directions to stop it. The petitioners brought to the notice of the High Court that the suspension of the distribution of Anandayya’s drug had resulted in the death of people. High Court will hear the petition on 27th, Thursday.

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