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BJP eyes key Congress, TRS leaders in Telangana

D.K. Aruna, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy

  • Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy will join soon
  • Wait and see policy by Konda Visweswara Reddy
  • D.K.Aruna mediation looks to be fruitful
  • Big Jolt to Congress in Telangana

Hyderabad: The saffron party is eyeing on both the TRS and the Congress leaders to beef up in order prove that it as the alternate to ruling party, TRS. It started the game-plan for upcoming assembly elections of 2023 and for this the target of BJP looks to encourage exoduses from parties at maximum level before it goes to Huzurabad bypoll. The talk that BJP National Vice President DK. Aruna met Congress MLA Rajgopla Reddy on Sunday created political speculations in Nalgonda district. For a few months, Rajgopal has been criticising the leadership of Congress and praising saffron party and Modi’s leadership. He also stated recently that only BJP is the alternative to TRS in Telangana, addressing media at Tirumala. Now the talks between Aruna and Rajgopal Reddy concluded in a fruitful way as per sources. Though MLA Rajgopal said that he would announce his decision in a few days, the decision to jump  into BJP bandwagon is almost confirmed, say sources.

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DK Aruna also had talks with Konda Visweswara Reddy. He is  former MP of Chevella and has been waiting to launch a new political party in Telangana. But after his relative, Etala Rajender took the decision of joining BJP, Konda’s plans have been changed, say BJP sources. If it is true, it will be a big gain to the BJP which appeared lacklustre after GHMC elections.

Rajender to join BJP on 13

Rajender’s joining BJP has been fixed and will join the saffron party on 13th June. In Delhi, BJP National President JP. Nadda will be putting a crimson scarf around Rajender’s neck. Along with Rajender, former MLA Ravinder Reddy, former TRS women’s wing leader Tula Uma and few activists will join the BJP on the 13th.The bypoll in Huzurabad is destined to take place in six months. As per reliable sources, Jamuna, Rajender’s wife, will contest in bypoll. The bypoll will be a do or die battle for both Rajender and TRS. It’s just a trump card for BJP if Rajender wins, and if he loses, it will not be affected much.

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Congress lost its chance

Etala met Bhatti Vikramarka and Uttam Kumar Reddy before joining hands with saffron. They had a lengthy meet, but the Congress leaders failed to capitalise fast. The internal rift within the party, the gap between the perception of the party’s high command and state leaders about Rajender, had delayed decisions and  Etala had  a rethink and then decided to respond to the feelers sent by the  saffron party. It would have been benefitial for both Rajender and the Congress party, if the plan worked. It is a clear failure of local leaders of the  Congress in en cashhing the opportunity offered by Rajender’s predicament, says political experts.

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