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Etela Rajender bids goodbye to gulabi

  • Tenders resignation to TRS party and MLA post
  • Telangana to witness another bypoll within six months
  • 19 years association with KCR ends
  • Extremist to become saffronist in few days

Hyderabad: As expected, Etela Rajender, who returned from Delhi on Thursday, resigned from TRS party and his MLA post on Friday morning. Addressing media, Rajender came down strongly on CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao with his arrows sharpened with references to casteism and humiliation he faced in the party.

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“If there is any problem in the constituency, all 9 MLAs used to approach him in the past and when we went to KCR’s farm house along with these MLAs, police would not at least let me inside, such humiliation was faced not only for me, but also minister Harish Rao many times. Insults became common for Harish Rao, but for me self respect is important, and no one has forgotten the sufferings we underwent when such allegations were made,” Etela said addressing media.

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Rajender, who was sacked on charges of land grabbing, questioned whether a slave can survive if he is given the post of a minister? Is there any single minister in your party who could work freely? KCR could not make his daughter win after giving B-form, and what work she did in the coalbelt labour union, nothing, Etala said.

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Etala Rajender said the lifting of Dharnachowk is a big mistake but it was done by Government so that there will be no strikes or dharnas in the state. Even KCR’s daughter lost the election, I won as a MLA because of Telangana movement, many people would have lost, if I had resigned several times in the past, but people of Huzurabad kept me in their hearts and made me won.

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KCR believes in money and was winning the elections by conspiring. Conspiracies, money bags can win elections, but the people of Telangana are self-righteous, their minds can’t be won, Rajender added.

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Pragathi Bhavan became home of slaves

Rajender said that the differences between him and KCR started five years ago and there are no leaders who make decisions on their own in Pragathi Bhavan. Is there a single IPS officer in CM’s office, none of SC, ST and BC officers were present in CM”s office, it is not Pragahthi Bhavan, it is a home of slaves, Rajender said.

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Seemandhra rulers respected ministers

Etala strongly made a comment by comparing Telangana rulers with that of Seemandhra during United Andhra Pradesh. Rajender said that Telangana rulers are not heckled by Seemandhra rulers but TRS ministers are working without any self respect in their own state under TRS rulers.

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