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Etala Rajender: TRS goons falling like wolves on herd of sheep

  • TRS will not be in power in 2023
  • Will protect Huzurabad people
  • Don’t lose patience, Rajender urges his followers

Karimnagar:  Former minister Etala Rajender indulged in strong  criticism of the ruling party in Karimnagar. Addressing media conference, Rajender said that TRS will not be in power in 2023 and he will take revenge if they won’t stop blackmailing his followers. Rajender, who reached his hometown, took the blessings of his father and performed puja at Illandakunta Sitaramaswamy temple. From there he went to his camp office and addressed media.

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“During Telangana movement, thousands from Huzurabad moved and it was a constituency which is free of factions and hatred. Today a leader is coming to this constituency as in charge. Did he help or save people who were in distress? Did he contest in any election? Contractors’ are being threatened without clearing bills. MPTCs are threatening sarpanches that funds will not be released if they support me. People of Huzurabad are noticing politics being done through blackmail. Power is not permanent for anyone and remember you will not be in power in 2023. People have kept me in their hearts for 20 years and if elections are held in Huzuarabad, all activists and people will be in favour of me. I urge the people not to lose patience because of the cheap tricks played by ruling party leaders” Rajender said.

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