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KCR on second thoughts over spreading of BRS in other states?

  • Congress and BJP, though national parties, acted as regional parties in the elections
  • It seems Karnataka election results have given enough substance to many political parties. Is Bharath Rashtra Samithi(BRS) one among them?

According to party sources, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is considering to go slow or postpone for a while on the BRS spreading activities in other states. KCR upgraded the Telangana Rashtra Samithi as BRS to spread the party in other states to place it at the national level. He decided to expand the party in Maharastra, Odisha and other states including Karnataka. He extended support to JDS led by Kumara Swamy in Karnataka and BRS leaders campaigned there in recent elections. But, the hopes of JDS, which thought of continuing in the role of the ‘King-Maker’ were dashed with its poor performance there.

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In Karnataka, the one and only regional party JDS has faded out and the elections turned out to be bi-polar one. Congress and BJP stood as main contenders seting aside the BRS supported JDS. The fall of JDS forced the BRS to change its strategy in other states. The manner and style of the two national parties – Congress and BJP- pertaining to the campaign is a case study for every political party. Though Congress and BJP were national parties, they acted as regional parties in election campaign. The two parties tried to place them as more ‘indigenous’ than the JDS in Karnataka. Congress and BJP touched more and more local issues in the campaign. When such scenario like giving priority to the local issues by national political parties in the country is going on, it is not apt for BRS, a regional party to focus on national issues in Telangana or other states. It means national parties acted as regional parties in the campaign. The BRS campaign in favour of JDS ended futile attempt. 

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 Secondly, the experiences of BRS in Maharastra are also one of the reasons for the move. BRS put lot of hopes in Maharastra on various counts including most of the Telugu people living in places bordering Telangana and finding a political vacuum there. The hopes of BRS were hit with defeat of its candidates in Bhokar Agricultural Market Committee in Maharastra. BRS supporters could not win a single director post in the elections while Congress won 13 posts, BJP 3, NCP 2 of the 18 director posts in Bhokar Market Committee.

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It is learnt the joining of Giridhar Gamang, former chief minister of Odisha is of no use for  the BRS there. Despite there being reservations and discontent on upgrading TRS as BRS in rank and file of the party, nobody dared to express his or her opinion about it. When Prime Post asked the Minister for Transport Puvvada Ajay Kumar on the possibility of spreading of BRS in other states, he did not given straight answer to the question. He said, “Boss is boss (KCR) and he is always right. KCR succeeded of winning in 2014 elections when everyone bet on Congress and the same leader got 88 seats in 2019 elections”. Majority of BRS leaders in Telangana want KCR to focus on the issues in Telangana instead of spending time in other states considering that the state elections are approaching fast. A BRS leader said, “Chief Minister will not open his mind on it, but he may reduce his activities in other states. (eom)

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