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Corona second wave: GHMC in danger zone?

  • Nearly 31000 people with Corona symptoms so far
  • State wide fever survey reveals the facts
  • Symptoms in districts are more likely to come out

Hyderabad: Is GHMC in danger zone of the Covid-19 second wave pandemic? Yes says the door to door fever survey which is going on in GHMC for four days by Government authorities. Survey reveals that millions of people have diagnosed with fever and corona symptoms which is a most worrying factor. Most people in the state are suffering from cough, cold and fever symptoms and nearly 31,000 are in the GHMC radius and the victims are in a dilemma whether they are affected with Corona or not based on these symptoms.

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State wide Survey by Government authorities

The Telangana Government has launched a state wide fever survey of door to door from May 6, conducting  tests to those who come to hospitals with corona symptoms. Authorities formed teams of four including Asha activist, Anganawadi teacher, an ANM at municipality or Gram Panchayat level and each team was ordered to survey a thousand people.

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Shocking Results from the survey

Survey revealed shocking results which state that nearly 31,000 people were identified with corona symptoms so far in GHMC radius. The authorities are asking such persons to stay at home for 14 days as quarantine after the symptoms were diagnosed. With this many people are worried that they do not know if they have corona and do not understand where to stay away from family members.

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One in 10 houses in Greater Hyderabad

Survey reveals that there is one Covid victim for every 10 houses in GHMC, A survey of 100 households found 10 people with Corona symptoms. So far,3,26,239 houses have been surveyed by authorities under GHMC, and staff identified 31,000 as having corona symptoms.  22,000 people have fever symptoms, 9000 are said to have cough, cold and diarrhoea. They were provided with home isolation kits by Government authorities.

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Lockdown, an option to break the chain

To break the chain and bring the Corona under control, the option left in front is Lock down, say experts. The cases are increasing in GHMC and it is said the government thinks it is better to go for lock down for few days to break the chain. It will help to trace, test and isolate.

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