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Is Telangana heading towards lockdown?

  • Emergency Cabinet meet on May 11 at  Pragathi Bhavan
  • Ministers have different opinions on lockdown
  • Decision of procurement of paddy if it goes for lock down

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) called for an emergency cabinet meet on May 11 at 2 pm in Pragathi Bhavan. As per sources, KCR  will discuss and decide on lock down in coming days. CMO released a media release which reads, “The State Cabinet meeting will be held on May 11 at Pragathi Bhavan. Cabinet Ministers will discuss the surge in Covid cases in the state and take a decision on imposition of lockdown. There are reports that suggest that despite certain States imposing lockdown there is no decrease in the cases. Against this backdrop, different opinions are emerging on clampdown with some sections arguing in favour of a lockdown. Under these circumstances, the State cabinet would discuss the pros and cons of the lockdown and also the adverse impact it may have on ongoing procurement of the paddy and it will take a decision”.

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This is the first cabinet meet after KCR tested negative of Covid and after Etala Rajender’s episode of sacking him from the cabinet.

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Why now lockdown?

Recently on May 7, Chief Minister himself stated that there will be no lockdown in Telangana as it will put the economy of state in risk. The same was said earlier by Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar too. They also dismissed the rumours by saying even Govt. will not suggest weekend lock down. Covid bulletin reads that the curve in state is flattening and there is decrease in coronavirus cases. But now this emergency meet raises many doubts. Are the cases high in state and government is hiding the truth? Is the big question mark in people of Telangana. On the other hand , all corporate hospitals in and surrounding Hyderabad are filled with patients and even today, positive patients are struggling  for beds in the state. Most patients are airlifted to Hyderabad from surrounding places like Mumbai, Rajkot, Bhilai, Raipur, Durgapur, Patna, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nagpur etc.  Nearly 100 patients have been airlifted to Hyderabad in the month of April according to Dr.Sanjay Mishra, founder and Director of Air Rescuers Private Ltd.

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Last but not least, the lockdown decision came into mind of KCR  after Prime Minister Narendra  Modi had a detailed discussion over phone  on Sunday with him, say sources.

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