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Fight is between mighty David  and weak Goliath

Some people, in social media, blame TRS for the attack on the residence of Dharmapuri Aravind, MP from Nizamabad, saying that the ruling party in Telangana has been adopting the Shiva Sena line in Bal Thacheray’s Mumbai. They say the attacks would continue as their (TRS) policy is to harass anyone who talks against the TRS leaders.  They also comment that it is a caution for people of Andhra region who live in Telangana to be subdued otherwise what happened to Aravind would happen to anyone who defies the ruling party.

Indira and NTR, an uneven fight.

I do not agree with the reasoning because the facts are otherwise. There has been practically no outflow of Andhra origin people settled in Telangana to AP since the formation of Telangana in 2014. In fact, there has been a continuous inflow of people from AP to Telangana, particularly since 2019 for economic and other reasons.

I think the real fight that is taking place is between the domineering Centre and the State of Telangana, similar to the fight that was waged by Indira Gandhi and her Congress party against NTR and his Telugu Desam. Unfortunately, this is an uneven fight because the resources of the Centre are huge compared to the meagre resources of individual States like Telangana. Since 2014, there has been a constant onslaught on the autonomy of all States including Telangana by the Centre. Individual States have already lost almost all their financial powers to the Centre. Gradually, States are losing other powers also because of the ruthless Central leadership aided by the financially rich BJP which is keen to capture power by all possible means. The Centre is using all institutions at its disposal such as IT, ED, CBI, Governors, etc. to subdue States in which non-BJP governments are in power. BJP is also ruthless in using the phenomenal financial muscle that it has to overthrow non-BJP governments. Karnataka is an example of BJP capabilities. The Centre and BJP have been gobbling up one State after another in a ruthless manner. This is a fight between the mighty David (Centre & BJP) and the poor Goliath (Telangana & TRS). If Telangana and TRS do not put up any fight, Centre will gobble up Telangana right away. AP has already been gobbled up for all practical purposes, when we consider that Jagan is totally at the mercy of the Centre. Thus, with the acquisition of Telangana by the Centre and BJP, the Telugu people of both the States would be fully controlled by the lords of Delhi. I shudder to think that this is the helpless condition to which Telugu people are being reduced to. Could NTR have ever imagined this tragedy for Telugu people? Indian constitution envisages a federal democratic republic and not a unitary country under one party rule. What is happening now points to the emergence of a single party ruled theocracy, like in Iran. Do we want it? Please ponder.

A.S. Bose
A.S. Bose
Mr. A.S. Bose, 76, is a former government official who is passionate about reforms so that modern India sheds its present colonial administrative structure and adopts a modern democratic egalitarian administrative system.



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