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Kuppam raises voice for Jr. NTR to save TDP

  • Party needs Junior NTR, say local leaders
  • ‘Ravali junior, Kavali NTR’ slogans in TDP supremo’s constituency
  • Will serve the party as activist, said NTR many times
  • This time, will he come to revive and enliven the party?

Amravati: The situation of the TDP has been worsening by the day ever since it received a drubbing in 2019 elections, bagging only 23 assembly seats and three Lok Sabha seats. Recent results of party in panchayat, Muncipal and Tirupati bypoll opened a new debate once again on the political scene in the TDP. This debate, which has been running since January 2021, reached its peak on Sunday in the own constituency of TDP Supreme, former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s Kuppam.

In kuppam constituency in Chittor district, Junior NTR fans urged him to come back into politics to save the party in state. Fans hoisted a 40 feet flag at Mulakalapally urging NTR to take up the challenge. Party needs NTR in these difficult circumstances, shouted fans raising Junior NTR’s bogie.

Local TDP leaders want Jr. NTR to come back

It is clear that the cadre along with local leaders were left in despair as anti party winds blew in the party chief’s own constituency, kuppam, after 2019.Few leaders are ready to resign from the party as there is no change in the political atmosphere. At this time, demands of inviting NTR into party activities are being voiced each now and then across AP. They raised voice with only one caption” Ravali junior and Kavali NTR”. It may be recalled that ‘Ravaali Jagan, Kaavali Jagan’ was the slogan popularised by Prashant Kishor’s team in 2019 elections which saw Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSRCP coming out with flying colours winning more than 50 percent votes and more than 80 percent of seats.

 NTR Jr. says he is ready

Naidu who went on a tour to control the damage done during recent Panchayat polls for the party after ruling party, YCP, dominated his bastion, faced similar situation at Santhipuram Mandal of Kuppam in the past. Slogans were raised in the presence of Naidu demanding to bring back Tollywood star NTR (Jr) for road show. People raised their voice shouting “Jai NTR,” ”Jai Jai NTR.” Naidu as usual did not pay much attention to the slogans and continued with his show.

Although it is a known fact that NTR will always enter politics, everyone is interested in the time factor.  What time would it happen? Since  Telugu Desam Party was trounced in the 2019 Assembly elections the activists have been expressing concern over the party’s future.

NTR fans’ associations keen on his return

Members of the Junior NTR Fans Association in Kuppam Mandal Mankaladodi Panchayamukalapally village openly invited NTR to come back into politics. NTR possesses a philosophy that impresses anyone with its eloquence. NTR also campaigned vigorously on behalf of the TDP in the 2009 elections. He impressed the youth with his speeches in that election. With this, the fans want to see Junior NTR actively involved in the Telugu Desam Party.

In the past, even after many controversies, Jr. had announced that he would work as an activist for the Telugu Desam Party and serve the party whenever he needed to. His fans are of the opinion that TDP needs junior NTR right now. As a part of this, they are expressing their desire to him as next chief minister for AP.


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