Saturday, March 2, 2024

Beyond Borders

O human!
You grabbed the earth
You spoiled the mirth
You created the walls
You marked the borders
You named the countries
You beget wars
You are living with Scars!
Beyond borders
Souls are bound by universal humanity
Beyond borders
All Languages are merging in the
Language of love
Beyond borders
All hearts are vibrating
with the same symphony
Beyond borders
Name, form, caste and creed are lost
In the single soul of universal consciousness
O human!
Why become narrow?
Why not invite a vibrant peaceful tomorrow?
After all
All are drops of same ocean
All are petals of same peace flower
Let’s create a new peaceful narration!!

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Veereswara Rao Mula
Veereswara Rao Mula
The poet is a bilingual writer who published poems in English and Telugu since 1985. He published his works in English titled 'Vibrations of my heart,' as Amazon Kindle book. He works for a construction company as IT professional.


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