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Anandayya medicine: Stalemate on distribution from 7th

  • Online distribution of drug not feasible
  • Drug will not be delivered from Monday, June 7, as expected
  • No support from Government in manufacture of drug, claim Anandayya’s aides

Nellore: The story of Anandayya seems to have come back to square one with a stalemate over the distribution of medicine, which went smoothly before politics had taken hold. After High Court, Government gave green signal for distribution of oral drug.  Anandayya’s followers say it can happen only with the assistance of Government.

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YCP MLA trying to make money in the name of Anandayya Drug: TDP 

Former TDP minister Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy said that Anandayya’s medicine was a historic event, but YCP MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy is trying to make money in the name of the drug. The conspiracy to en cash the medicine had started on May 21. They bought site from Sreshitha Technologies which was hosted on internet and deleted immediately after they got pressure from Anandayya, Somireddy said. The directors of Sreshitha Company are said to be YCP leaders.

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Anandayya’s medicine which was supplied free of cost was made commercial with different price logs. They kept price of packet at Rs. 15 on the site and it became available to the public for Rs. 167 after levying different charges. Anandayya withdrew it in a rage and his son also came up with a selfie video about this issue, and Anandayya has not yet been released, Somireddy alleged. Kakani targeted 120 crore by selling drug online to crores of people. For this they created fake site with the help of Sreshitha Technology in the name of www.childeal.in.and Government should take immediate action against those who created fake site, Somireddy demanded.

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YCP leaders with the help of police are not allowing anybody to meet Anandayya. Yadav Community leaders from Telangana came to krishnapatnam to felicitate Anandayya, but they were chased away by police. Keeping fan symbol on Anadayya’s medicine packet is degrading the chief minister. Somireddy made it clear that they are ready to issue a memorandum if police do not take action on Kakani. Meanwhile, Kakani was silent when media tried to contact him about the fake site allegation by TDP leader.

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No assistance from Government in drug manufacturing

Anandayya’s  followers clarified that there will be no distribution of drug from Monday, June 7. The drug distribution can be done only with the help of Government. AP government is not providing the required assistance for the manufacture of drug and if they make the drug themselves, they will not be able to serve for more than 4000 people, Anandayya’s followers said. This number is restricted to surrounding villages and hence they requested people not to come to Krishnapatnam from different districts for the drug on Monday.

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