Sunday, June 23, 2024

It’s Haunting

Nothing is clear and visible

Nothing accepts it’s revelation

The destination exploits

Only the toil of legs

No organ is eligible

To share the thoughts

I, becoming, global

Being assassinated in all aspects

I am trembling

Stuck in the mouth of lizard, without trap

Does it mean exploiting nectar

If absorb the fragrance of

flowers occassionally?

Does it mean

God is in our hands

If tastes his offerings?

Nowhere, we can find

A residence

Can’t preserve

The transparency of soul

Don’t know

How many tragedies

Still haunt

How many lies

Still become bullets

No Armour

No metal organs

No mansions which compress heart walls

Don’t know…

 Whose words

Smash us

Whose feet 

crush us

Whose claps

Crumble us

Don’t know

Be oppressed in a book

Closed by someone..!

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Telugu Original 

Dr Pulipati Guruswamy, Hyderabad 


Prof K Sarojadevi 

Sarojadevi Komatla
Sarojadevi Komatla
The translator of the poems is Dr. K. Sarojadevi, a Professor of English from Andhra Pradesh. Besides being a poet, she is a content writer, columnist, editor, translator, academician and research supervisor. She presented and published research papers at national and international conferences and journals. She authored two books entitled Ethical intimations in the select Inter-war American Fiction and Vocabulary for Verbal Ability. She is serving Research India Foundation as an executive board member of Research India Resource Support Centre.


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