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Biological E’s Corbevax, vaccine at affordable price, to hit Indian market

  • Corbevax vaccine priced at Rs. 250 per dose
  • Recombinant protein vaccine which showed positive results in two phase trails
  • Vaccine expected to be robust against number of COVID variants

Hyderabad: Hyderabad based Biological-Corbevax vaccine is priced at Rs. 250 per dose as per the report mentioned on papers by Managing Director Mahima Datla which will be finalised once vaccine gets EU approval for emergency use. If this happened, it will be the most affordable and cheapest vaccine to come into Indian Market.

Currently Serum Institute’s Covishield is available at Rs. 600per dose in private hospitals  and for state government’s it is Rs. 300 per dose while Bharath Biotech’s Covaxin is available at Rs. 1200 per dose at private hospitals while for state governments it is priced at Rs. 400 per dose. The Russian Sputnik-V will be available at Rs. 995 per dose until its domestic production begins.

Now the Corbevax vaccine cost for two doses which is expected to be Rs. 500 for two doses may be reduced to Rs. 400  in coming days as per Government sources. Centre has already placed an order of 30 crore vaccines with Biological-E by making an advance payment of Rs. 1500 crore.

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Corbevax is in its third phase of trials. Phase 1 and 2 trails have yielded good results and with vaccine approval expected by July, vaccine production is expected to start by August. According to Mahima Datla, the company has plans to produce 75 million to 80 million doses per month from August.

The vaccine was developed by a biological company in association with Dynawax Technologies Corporation, Baylor College of Medicine (BCM), Houston. Permission was obtained from the Drug Regulator to conduct third phase clinical trials at the end of last month. The first and second phase of the biological corona vaccine underwent clinical trials in November last year. A total of 360 healthy volunteers were tested, the organization said. The third phase of clinical trials will be conducted in 15 parts of the country. It assesses immunity and safety for disease protection between the ages of 18 and 80.

The second dose should be taken 28 days after the first dose. Vaccine trials have been shown to be safe and effective, the company said. Dr. Maria Elena, associate dean of the Texas Medical College, said the vaccine, if available, would have a big impact on poor, middle-class countries. Also the vaccination process is likely to accelerate further if a biological vaccine becomes available.

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