Sunday, June 23, 2024

I am a Question..!

You are questioning about the roots of reminiscences, carried by me

Since the time, I was thrown away

You are murmering about the traces of

The fragrance of the soil

Flown from the plow edge

You are asking straight about

The authentication of dried ribs

Which ploughed my body

To grow the country

What can I say

Shall I count

Lower races, extincted

Owing to the power thirst of

Predictions of Manu

Shall I count the yield of

The cultivation, done with the blood of

My land, occupied forcedly

Shall I say the address of the heaps of tombs, which makes the life, a mirage

By cutting it’s throat

Now, I might be a citizen or an Indian

A disposed body, not remembered

I am a Question

In this chaos..!

Telugu Original 

Dr. Jada Subbarao

Translated by Prof. K.  Sarojadevi

Sarojadevi Komatla
Sarojadevi Komatla
The translator of the poems is Dr. K. Sarojadevi, a Professor of English from Andhra Pradesh. Besides being a poet, she is a content writer, columnist, editor, translator, academician and research supervisor. She presented and published research papers at national and international conferences and journals. She authored two books entitled Ethical intimations in the select Inter-war American Fiction and Vocabulary for Verbal Ability. She is serving Research India Foundation as an executive board member of Research India Resource Support Centre.


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