Sunday, September 24, 2023


There is something you don’t know.
Even if you know there is pain of inability.
Do you know
about the third dimension of a coin?!
If not realize
that opportunism is the prevailing ‘ism’
all else is a trajectory dim,
and that money is the gasoline
that moves your life-shandrydan.

To treat you
we don’t diognise your symptoms
but check your cheque power.
Even before your corpse reaches the coffin
your dough reaches our coffers.

Whether the antibiotics click or not
even when patient’s body cells
are slowly whithering and rotting-
we harken only to the clanging sounds of coins
rolling into our iron chests.

Researches keep going!
As long as our corrupt leaders keep spreading
carpets to Corporate hospitals
we keep hatching drugs
and when proved fatal (often very soon)
we incubate something else…
with some other name…
But never stop using you
as guinea pigs
and cramming our money silos.
But you the common man
keep living in confusion
listening to the fearsome death knells.

While you’re running after the shining mirages
of good health and happiness
we keep sipping
your sweetest blood from corporate Grails.

Telugu original : Mula Veereswara Rao (in

Trans-creation: Mahathi


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