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Can Rishi change CM Jagan’s fortunes?

  • AP CM to sign deal with IPAC once again
  • This time, Rishi to represent IPAC for Jagan
  • Both TDP and YCP pin hopes on IPAC team members
  • Whose strategy will work for 2024?

Amravati: It’s a do or dies situation for the ruling party, YSRCP and main opposition TDP in Andhra Pradesh. One should win once again to run the stream and other should come into power for political survival. Both parties, TDP and YCP, are keeping faith in strategists of Prashant Kishor vintage once again. When it comes to strategists, its only IPAC which strikes across India though it failed in Uttar Pradesh. But the percentage or ratio of success rate by Prashanth Kishor’s IPAC is making political parties to appoint its members once again to test their luck in next elections.

Andhra CM YS Jagan With Wife Bharathi Attended Marriage Reception Of Rishi  Raj Singh Member Of Prashant Kishor's IPAC Team - Gallery - Social News XYZ
Jagan hugs Rishi Raj Singh at the latter’s wedding reception in Lucknow

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Rival parties of AP signed contract with IPAC, but the members working are different. Robin Sharma, who previously worked with IPAC is now working for TDP. At the same time, YCP appointed Rishi, who worked for them in 2019 elections under PK which will be officially announced shortly. It is a clear scenario in AP that the graph of YCP is getting down and TDP emerging. AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy might think that this is the right time to start campaign before the party loses total momentum and gets deeper down.

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Few days back, Rishi Raj Singh, of IPAC, gave a sample report to CM Jagan, which reportedly said that many changes have to be made if the party wants to be in race for second term. The team also reportedly submitted report about anti-incumbency against the sitting MLAs and about the strict actions to be taken in future. Jagan, as per IPAC report, gave a task for MLAs in the name of “Gadapa Gadapaku Prabhutvam” to explain the welfare schemes to the people and also to know about the pending issues at local level. But this programme did not go on as expected by Jagan Mohan Reddy as per reliable sources.

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తెలుగు గడ్డపై మరో వ్యూహకర్త… టీడీపీని గట్టెక్కిస్తాడా..? -
Robin Sharma, the TDP strategist

Reports clearly indicating that anti-incumbency against  party and emergence of main opposition TDP’s emerging at grass root level once again are the key issues Jagan is focussing on. He has a plan to tour all the districts once again to know the pulse of the people. TDP is busy with various programmes and meets and trying to be in touch with public by all means. YCP is failing to counter the allegations and criticism made by opposition parties, Jagan wants to checkmate these factors as soon as possible.

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The opposition parties are now fighting for each other in the name of alliances. They are slowly getting deviated from the fight against ruling party and this is also said to be one of the mind games unleashed  by the  ruling party. Will TDP join hands with Jana Sena or will it go alone is not yet decided. One has to see how public reacts after these parties announce their future course of fight for 2024.

Rishi Raj Singh got very close to Jagan Mohan Reddy as the former was monitoring the work of IPAK in AP and reporting directly to Jagan in the absence of Prashant Kishor. Jagan and his wife Bharati traveled to Luknow to attend the wedding reception of Rishi last year.

How far these strategies work is a question mark now. But political leaders strongly believe that strategists can ruin chances of the rivals with their game plans and can pull them to a winning stage.

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