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BJP’s Mission Telangana: Aims to put ‘The End’ card for TRS

  • National Executive meets in Hyderabad on July 2nd, 3rd
  • Target 2023 Assembly and 2024 General Elections
  • Eyeing on large vote bank in Southern States
  • Telangana, Karnataka main targets
  • Aim to halt TRS from third win
  • Will Saffron succeed or fail like in West Bengal?

Hyderabad: BJP’s mission has started, say State leaders confidently with an aim to pin down KCR’s rule. Political experts say it is ‘Mission Impossible’ for saffron but BJP wants to prove that their calculations don’t go wrong like what happened in recent West Bengal Assembly elections. It looks as though  the Delhi leaders took South seriously more than earlier. Holding National Executive meet for the first time outside Delhi in the last 4 years proves the same.

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Whole BJP leadership would descend on Hyderabad

PM Marendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Party National President JP Nadda, Chief Ministers of 19 states, Union Ministers at Hitex on July 2nd will focus  attention of people of  Southern States on the  BJP, say BJP leaders. Their main target appears to be Karnataka and Telangana State elections which are due in a year. BJP wants to prove that they are the real alternative to TRS party in Telangana and to the Congress in Karnataka.

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GHMC election results gave the saffron leaders the hope

GHMC election results in 2020, later two by-poll results gave hope for the BJP that it can form its government in Telangana. They are not leaving any stone unturned to get into power by dethroning the TRS. In West Bengal too they tried to grab the opportunity with the vacuum created by the opposition, but at the end the party had failed. But the BJP leaders won’t accept these version, they insist that their party increased its vote share and the number of seats in Bengal and in the same way, will overtake the Congress in Telangana and will be in the race against TRS.

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Family centric rule to be attacked

Saffron is coming with a slogan” End Dynasty and family centric rules” In Telangana and this bogey was raised by PM Modi while addressing BJP cadre at Begumpet airport in his last visit on May 26th. On the other hand, TBJP President Bandi Sanjay and his party collegues have been successfully going into public with local issues and pointing at the failures and unimplemented promises of TRS Government in the past eight years. Bandi Sanajay at a meeting in Tukkaguda requested people to give one chance for BJP in the State as they did earlier for TDP, TRS and Congress.

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People are bored with KCR & his routine speeches

The BJP is focussing on all sections of people without leaving any chance. It tried to woo BCs by sending Laxman to Rajya Sabha. It is trying to woo Hindus by playing the Hindutva card. The party has been targeting KCR’s family members and government in the name of family rule and corruption. Even BJP leaders repeatedly say that the ED cases will be filed in coming days against KCR. Saffron leaders strongly believe that Prashanth Kishor’s strategy won’t work in Telangana. “When the people are bored with KCR and his routine speeches, we don’t think any strategist can help TRS to remain in power. 2023 will display the end card for TRS,” BJP leaders strongly believe.

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Confidence is fine, but…

Their confidence is fine, but the party which does not have candidates to field in at least 40 constituencies, internal war for the leadership and anti-incumbency vote cutter by other parties, can saffron emerge in Telangana? BJP leaders won’t accept this analysis, they say their party did miracles in Tripura, Pondicherry, and will repeat the same in Telangana too. “Just wait and see,” they concluded. Yes, all are waiting eagerly for the political decision by the people of Telangana State with assembly elections just a year away.

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