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VIPs in Telangana violate lockdown norms, cause deaths

crowded wedding function, a representative picture

  • VIP’s violated lockdown norms with wedding functions
  • Hyderabad, Khammam, Nizamabad witness the same
  • Resulted in hundreds of positive cases in a week

Hyderabad: Telangana Government released lockdown guidelines particularly for weddings that only 40 people are allowed, but our VIP’s violated the norms which resulted in hundreds of positive cases and a few of them succumbs to COVID in Telangana . This clearly indicates the negligence by VIPs who became spreaders of virus rather than the common man. We have seen police beating up  and booking cases against common man who violated lockdown norms, but there was not a single case filed against these persons who are in responsible positions in society.

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On May 24th, the wedding of a son of a senior IPS officer took place with daughter of Dubey perfume owner at Hyderabad which clearly witnessed violation of Covid protocols. There was orchestra, fireworks, with programme running out upto late night from 8 pm. IPS, IAS and police officers were seen attending the marriage, but no one bothered about lockdown guidelines. Guests were seen without masks and no social distancing. Surprisingly the venue is very near to Kamatipura Police Station.

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In Khammam district, 100 were tested positive and four of them succumbed to COVID after attending a wedding. Nearly 250 people attended the wedding and preliminary investigation revealed that COVID norms were violated at the wedding with no masks and not maintained social distance. Bridegroom’s father was also one who had succumbed to disease, bride and bridegroom tested positive and are under isolation along with their families. The same scene was repeated in a wedding at Hanmajipet of Nizamabad district. 90 guests were reported positive out of 450 who attended a wedding with several violations reported.

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People are going ahead with weddings, birthday functions and ceremonies with more than permitted number of guests which is leading to increase in positivity cases in Telangana once again. With a fear of third wave in coming days, people are urging Government to keep an eye on the violators and take strict action against them.

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