Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The ripen leaf

Never had free time

Never remember until 

Faced a cut throat emergency

The indigenous dirt

 Acquired pest

Today, here, like this…

Safe guarding the empty walls

Of the ageing house

Looked at the roof

A crystal of salt flowed out

Felt the presence of the mother at

Every corner of the house

What ever she does

I am after her

Hanging from her shoulder

Reminds the memory of 


Holding her saree

On the bed of camping cot

Earned my livelihood and bread

With the support of her palm only

Always walked after the calendar

Making the four walls of the narrow house

As her world

She eats only

After feeding me

I never empathize with her hunger

Gave her medicines

At ring of the clock

But, never warned her

With concern

Whether she minds…

How long she felt

 I don’t know, don’t observe

After a long time

She didn’t stretch her folded legs

Felt that she won’t go anywhere

As she is mother

Now, she laid on my shoulder

Disappeared as ash into the bank less stream…

Someone says

What happens to the tree..

If a ripen leaf falls

Is mother

A ripen leaf…?!

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Telugu Original 

Devenapalli Veena


Prof Sarojadevi Komatla 


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