Thursday, June 13, 2024

Count it as…!

If Plants, having bitten 

With axes canopied

Count the earth has lost its breath

If coast, is shaken by the mirage with clear sand dunes

Count the river as dead

If stars, has no butterflies leaning on

Count the garden has swaddled by autumn

If hawks, with iron nails are flying over the fields

Count the world has mournful destruction

If Titus, is singing in the village

Count the village has migrated

If Farmer, gets away with soil like quail swayed the tree

Count the country as orphan.!

xxxx xxxx xxxx

Telugu original 

Siriki Swamy Naidu


S. Pushyami, 

D/o Dr Sarojadevi Komatla

Sarojadevi Komatla
Sarojadevi Komatla
The translator of the poems is Dr. K. Sarojadevi, a Professor of English from Andhra Pradesh. Besides being a poet, she is a content writer, columnist, editor, translator, academician and research supervisor. She presented and published research papers at national and international conferences and journals. She authored two books entitled Ethical intimations in the select Inter-war American Fiction and Vocabulary for Verbal Ability. She is serving Research India Foundation as an executive board member of Research India Resource Support Centre.


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