‘Desperate Stunt’ by Naidu at Mahanadu rebuffed

  • Political Resolution to support centre back fired
  • BJP reiterates that doors closed for TDP
  • Hindutva to Secular to Hindutva ding-dong, Naidu fails in metamorphosis

Amravati: TDP’s two-day virtual Mahanadu 2021 witnessed two unusual statements by TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu (CBN). One is about late NTR and the other about political support to centre based on issues. Both these statements show that Naidu is caught in a political web and the party is facing a crisis of survival.

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CBN came forward by praising late NTR  as Yugapurush, Shakthi, poor poeple’s man and demanded  Bharat Ratna etc. We have been watching Naidu’s shows at Mahanadu praising NTR to the sky and demanding Bharataratna for him. It is meant for the occasion and it was never followed up in the last twenty five years after NTR’s demise. The second one is for the political survival of the party in the state. A  resolution seeking to extend issue based support to centre. Naidu said that as a national party, TDP, will think of problems of people all over country and whenever necessary, will support the central government depending on the issues. TDP opposed three farm laws introduced by centre. Naidu is seriously looking for partnering with the BJP to score over Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in the ongoing fight.  Naidu described the government as ’atrocious’ and it is pursuing ‘ruinous policies’.

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Doors permanently closed for TDP: BJP

BJP’s national secretary and AP State in charge Sunil Deodhar announced that party would not ally with TDP in future and doors of BJP are permanently closed for Chandrababu Naidu.

Deodhar came on twitter after  Naidu’s resolution for supporting the centre on issues was passed. Deodhar twitter reads that “In Mahanadu, Chandrababu Naidu repeated his desperate stunt to show that TDP will align with @BJP4India in 2024. @BJP4Andhra & @ JanaSenaparty under leadership of Somu Veerraju and @Pawan Kalyan will emerge as an alternative to corrupt, family politics of @ysjagan.@ncbn.

This is not the first time for Naidu to be rebuked by the BJP. Naidu  tried for alliance with BJP after he snapped ties with saffron and lost hopelessly  in assembly polls, 2019. BJP tried to woo TDP leaders with a plan to make inroads into Telugu states. The first blow was delivered barely two months after the elections, when four of the TDP’s six Rajya Sabha members quit TDP and joined the BJP. This included Naidu’s close aides CM Ramesh and Sujana Choudhary, sending shock waves in the party circles. To counter these, Naidu came up with a repenting statement that he has no enmity with Modi but came out of NDA  led Government because of  demands of Special Status and national project status for Polavaram and for welfare of people.

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Back to Hindutva from secular

Naidu used Hindutva card to gain sympathy of BJP. He attacked CM Jagan Mohan Reddy  by saying that Christian religious conversions are going on under CM’s watch. He also tried to en cash Ramatheertham incident but in vain. When he wanted to act as a ecular leader after saying good bye to saffron party in 2004, he came out strongly against Modi blaming him for Gujarat Communal riots. Again in 2018 after deserting alliance with the BJP, Naidu criticised Modi by joining hands with Congress and took the secular route but it proved to be a miscalculation on the part of Naidu and Modi won again with a bigger majority. As a last attempt under the changed circumstances for the sake of  his political future and to keep his flocks together, Naidu wanted to play Hindutva card again. But this metamorphosis does not appear to be worksing out for Naidu if one goes by  Deodhar’s tweet.

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