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Is there unpleasant repercussion in TDP because of Chandrababu Naidu’s remand?

  • Are TD cadre losing their confidence?
  • Is the disconnect between party leaders and Naidu’s Machiavellian tactics a major problem?
  • Naidu cannot interact wih party leaders while in judicial remand?
  • Communication gap between Naidu and cadre is a big loss to the party
  • Do the neutral people start believing the allegations made by CID?
  • Are the legal and judicial community well aware of AP politics after Jagan’s letter to the then CJI?

In war, the army replaces its commander immediately when he gets hurt or dies. The war tempo will be continued and the soldiers will fight it out against their rivals according to the directions given by the next  commander.

Such situations arise in political parties and the second in command of a party guides the party network. In Telugu Desam, there is no matching personality to Chandrababu Naidu. When compared to Naidu’s brains and capabilities, his son Lokesh lags far behind.

N Srinivas, a Telugu Desam leader in Vijayawada said, “Babu garu used to give guidance and enthusiasm to the party leaders always. We as party leaders swing into action as per the program. Such signals from TD chief are not received in the presence situation. The directions of Naidu come only when the party leaders met him during ‘Mulaqat’. It will take time for the message to reach us. This is a big problem to the party”

Chandrababu Naidu has been running the party as vibrant and active organisation whether it was in power or in opposition. Naidu is a versatile leader and he is  a master in sending his line to the party cadre in a jet speed. He established such mechanism in the party like collecting funds, spending on the party programs. He had a precise calculation on funds to be spent on various programmes. The TDP supremo has a perfect idea on how much funds are needed for a particular exercise or party operation and who will be capable to fulfilling this task and where from the funds should be adjusted. There is no such person in the party now to lead in such party activities.

A party leader recalled his experience when a TD leader asked the party high command for a particular amount of money to organise a programme against the government. In the words of the party leader “Lokesh was surprised at the figure and told the party leader that the programme can be implemented with half of the amount you asked for. Interestingly, Naidu had sent double the amount that the leader requested. Taking decisions in a jet speed has been Naidu’s style. The ‘communication gap’ between Naidu and the cadre is a major problem for the party”.

TD leaders had their doubts on dealing with Lokesh or Brahmani or Bhuvaneswari. This will disturb the party cadre a lot.

On the other hand, the mind-set of the people, particularly those who are neutral, started changing their opinion on the corruption of Naidu in Skill scam case with the dismissal of quash petitions of TD leader in various courts. On the other hand, the legal and judicial community in India are aware of Andhra Pradesh politics after YS Jagan Mohan Reddy wrote a letter to the CJI on Judiciary after he lost several cases in AP High Court.

An advocate looking after CID cases in AP, requesting not to be quoted, said, “The judges in high courts of various states and Supreme court and advocates enquired about the on-going politics between the YSRCP and Telugu Desam Party after this letter. They applied their own intelligence and compared between Naidu and Jagan’s politics and fairness. They had their conclusions. A person benefited from a party will react one way and a neutral person acts in other way”. Interestingly, majority of party workers and people believe that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amith Shah are behind the arrest.

N Narasimha Rao, a retired principal of government residential school in Vijayawada, said, “The mood of Telugu Desam can be found with the faces of anchors in the Telugu news channels which support Naidu. There is no outpouring of sympathy for Naidu even after his arrest. At least, it is not evident. The party will face more problems if Naidu’s remand continued further. Even some of the TD leaders, who called me, expressed pain at the present situation”. (eom)


  1. The article presented well the current crisis in TDP in AP. The opinions of the residents about the present situation is well reflected. As the sevond line of leadership is weak, the party is losing the ground. Number of cases against CBN is increasing on one side resulting in increased confusion in the cadre.
    Overall the article is nice and congrats to the author.


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