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Revanth Reddy completes 10-day Paadayatra, what does it mean?

  • Completes 130 kms Paadayatra on Tuesday with a huge public meeting
  • Exposes differences in party, but strikes at other  parties
  • Revanth successful in showing his popularity to Delhi heads

Hyderabad: Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy completed his 10-day paadayatra stretched about 130 kms at Raviryala on Tuesday. The day ended with a huge public meeting at the outskirts of the city with farmers flooded in support to MP in tractors. 

Exposes unity as well as difference in the party

The problem Congress party is facing since 2014 is communication gap, egoistic problems between  seniors and juniors and disunity among themselves. These problems raised their head soon after TPCC President said that he will be resigning to the post and let leaders at national select the new leader. Uttam is still enjoying the position after AICC postponed the decision of changing TPCC chief  until Nagarjuna Sagar bypoll. But neither Uttam nor CLP Leader Bhatti Vikramarka was present at the public meeting on Tuesday which showed the differences persist in the party.  Their main allegation was that Revanth did not inform his plan to undertake  paadayatra to high command in Delhi nor to the party leaders in State.

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Many seniors attend the meeting

But contradictory to their statement, many seniors walked to the meeting at the end of the day. Former ministers Shabbir Ali, Konda Surekha, S.Rajaiha, Ex MPs Balaram Naik, Mallu Ravi, Suresh Shetkar, PCC working Presidents Kusuma Kumar, Ponnam Prabhakar and MLA D.Seethakka were present along with ex MLAs and other party office bearers.

Reacting to the comment that high command did not give its nod to paadayatra, AICC spokesperson Dasoju Sravan said that to kill a serpent, there is no need to take permission from high command and the work should be done instantaneously which was done by Revanth. These efforts will strengthen party, he said.

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Revanth,  one Man Show in Congress

MP Revanth Reddy knows the pulse of masses very well with the previous experience he had when he was the TDP leader. Now he is using the same trick to gain the attention of Delhi leaders. Even on the closing day of Paadayatra, he ended his yatra at Tukkaguda and from there  he took a tractor up to Raviryala with farmers, which is another political trick to project himself as a mass leader. He started his paadayatra from Achampet of Nagarkurnool district on February 7th and walked for around 130 kms through Mahaboobnagar and Ranga Reddy districts before reaching Tukkaguda, in the outskirts of Hyderabad City.

In his speech, Revanth strongly came on the Centre demanding  to repeal the new farm laws. At the same time, he warned Telangana Chief Minister KCR  saying that he will create Tsunami in coming days and KCR will be washed away in it. He took care on seniors in his speech by saying that he will co operate  with all the leaders in the party whenever they undertake paadayatra and even fight for Sagar by pollwin

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Targets TPCC President Post

Revanth Reddy’s main target appears to be the post of TPCC chief  right now. Even The Delhi leaders said that there was no place for him (as per sources), Revanth is still trying to attract their attention by proving his strength in cadre and public. His plan is to be in public with various programmes until he gets a call from high command (which is ignoring him at present). This is the main reason; Revanth announced that he will do paadayatra in all over Telangana State in coming days.

Will high command accept him?

Can’t say , but the political analysts say that he is the only leader in party who can attract masses and  cadre and can face the TRS leaders. But with gaping at Revanth who is considered as  Chandrababu Naidu’s pet are making Revanth’s target difficult to achieve.

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