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KCR kickstarts Sagar election campaign

• Announces sops for Nalgonda district
• Tears into Congress, BJP in his speech at Halia
• Announces 1000cr. Dalit empowerment scheme in Telangana

Nalgonda: CM KCR looks fully focused on Sagar by poll for a must win for the party which failed in recent two elections, Dubbaka, and GHMC. After a long gap, KCR delivered his blistering speech at a massive meeting, criticising BJP and Congress in his own inimitable style. His speech at Halia public meeting mainly included SOPS to Nalgonda district, affection for Dalits, attacks against opposition parties which made the crowd cheer and applaud. He did bhoomi pooja for 13 lift irrigation schemes.

Sops to Nalgonda

The chief minister announced several sops at public meeting held in Nagarjunasagar constituency after laying foundation stone for construction of Lift Irrigation Project at Nelikal in Nagarjunasagar constituency. Rs. 20 lakh to each Gram Panchayat in the districts ( total 540), Rs. 10 crore to Nalghonda Municipality and Rs. 5 crore to Miryalaguda Municipality , total of 180 crore worth of works were announced by CM at the public meeting.


Dalit empowerment scheme

KCR has announced that there will be Dalit empowerment scheme to be monitored by him personally. This scheme would be launched this year itself, he said. He said all eligible persons would get pensions and ration cards. The barber community (nai Brahmins) would be given one lakh rupees loan each to start saloons. Two lakh shephards families will be given sheep after March and it will be repeated next year.

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Harsh on Congress

Chief Minister came down harshly on congress party at public meeting in Halia. He said Telangana was totally neglected during congress regime and it is responsible for the sufferings of Telangana people. When Telangana government is implementing developmental programmes and welfare schemes, where is the need for congress leaders to take up ‘Polam baata, Poru baata” he asked.


He once again repeatedly said that congress was responsible for miseries and farmers’ death in Telangana during its rule in erstwhile United Andhra Pradesh. They have no right to utter the word ‘Telangana’, he said. CM KCR hit out at the allegations of corruption in Kaleshwaram project. Whenever ruling party starts a project, opposition comes up with allegations of corruption against TRS. I question that party, was Nagarjuna Sagar constructed during their period for the sake of kickbacks?

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You will be turned into dust

KCR lost his cool when some people at the meeting tried to disturb him. “Stay calm or just leave, no one would be affected if you are trying to disturb. There will be many dogs like you. You are not even handful, you will be turned into dust,” the chief minister warned. He did not even spare BJP and aimed guns on Saffron party by saying he will knock them to the ground if they try to polarise the society with Communal agenda. BJP is playing communal game who say that Tiranga flag will be raised in a place where other religions worship, Does the BJP feel that it is the only party which has nationalism? Don’t play games, will bury under the ground, KCR warned them. With a win in recent elections, they became head strong, Sagar result will settle all matters, he said with confidence.

TRS cadre happy

TRS cadres were happy after the public meet at Palem. The first ever public meet by TRS party during COVID pandemic looks to be successful which was aimed for Sagar by poll. KCR’s speech in his bombastic style with shots of arrows of words against opposition parties and explaining TRS developmental schemes, and sops to Nalgonda district will fetch them win in Sagar , felt cadre at the end of the meet.

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