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Telangana latest Survey: Its BJP Vs Congress, TRS in 3rd position

  • Shocking results for ruling TRS party
  • Survey by Centre for Political Research and Psephology studies
  • Majority prefer Modi as PM once again

Hyderabad: Definitely it is shocking news for ruling party TRS which is aiming for a hat-trick. Recent survey conducted by Centre for Political Research and Psephology Studies showed a hard to digest result for K.Chandrasekhar Rao and his party. Survey was conducted between December 28th and January 19 by this agency with huge samples of nearly1.80 lakh voters covering 119 assembly constituencies.
Survey results predicted that if general body elections were held today in the state of Telangana, the race would be between the saffron party and the Congress and not between former and the TRS. It is a clear indication of surge of BJP in Telangana when compared to 2018 elections. The saffron party which was restricted to only one Assembly seat in 2018 elections is making huge gains as per study. If elections were held today, BJP will get 49 to 54 seats as per the survey. Win in GHMC elections and Dubbaka by poll gave a boost to BJP and it was successful in proving to be an alternate to the ruling TRS.

Don’t underestimate Congress:

Surprising and shocking outcome of the survey is gain of Congress party. The party which is embroiled in internal war and lack of coordination between leaders is performing more than expected at ground level. Survey says that if elections were held today, Congress will get 43-47 seats, in fact, congress party should have come into power in 2018 elections had TDP President Chandrababu Naidu not entered poll scene and aligned with the congress. The alliance of Congress-TDP gave a boost for TRS which was on the back foot in 2018 elections. A boon for them in the form of Chandrababu Naidu gave way for TRS to win once again and continue in power. But this time things are looking different as per recent study.

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TRS Party down to earth:

TRS party is slowly getting unpopular after 2018 elections as per the survey. The same repeated slogans of Telangana pride and self-respect with no proper scheme for the public, are causing the loss of their vote bank. As per the survey, TRS would end up with only 14 to 16 seats. Less than 20% said they were satisfied with TRS ruling which was above 60% in 2018 elections time. Only 21.4% felt that Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao’s performance is good. Voting share for BJP increased to 37.4%, for Congress it is 31.8% and TRS is limited to 13.5%, study reveals. AIMIM is doing good with 14.2% and TDP with 0.9 %( almost nullified)

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Satisfied with Modi’s performance:

When it comes to voting at Central level, 36.6% said that they are satisfied with Modi’s performance and central government schemes.43.2% said it was Ok, thus showing the confidence in NDA rule at Centre. The study revealed that handling of Covid pandemic, controlling anti social activities, implementation of farmers’ schemes, health schemes made them to vote for Modi at Centre.
If elections were held today, seats tally will be as follows, BJP 49-54, Congress 43-47, AIMIM 7-10, TRS 14-16 and others 2


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