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Sharmila mounts frontal attack on KCR

  • Says her party will be established on July 8
  • Announces 3-day fast demanding notifications for jobs
  • Asks youth and farmers not to resort to suicide
  • Promises to fight for the people

Khammam: YS Sharmila, daughter of late YS Rajasekhara Reddy, declared at a meeting here on Friday, 09 April 2021, that she would be launching her regional party in Telangana on 08 July, the birth anniversary of her father. Sharmila, in her maiden meeting, attacked Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) for not keeping his promises. She declared that she would be sitting on a three day fast from April 15 demanding jobs notification by the government.

Speaking about the significance of April 9, Sharmila reminded the gathering that it was on this day 17 years ago that his father had embarked upon an unprecedented walkathan, Prajasankalpa Yaatra from Chevella where one sister put ‘tilak’ on his forehead while the other held ‘haarati’ for him. She did not refer to her own paadayaatra or that of his brother, AP chief minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. She spoke at length about YSR’s welfare schemes. She did not say a word about her brother.

Sharmila was straight and piercing in her criticism of chief minister although she was sporting a smile throughout. Without losing cool or raising voice, she raised all the relevant questions. She said, in a newly acquire Telangana slang saying ‘baraabar,’ there is no opposition party that can criticize the government which is why there is need to establish a party by her. The Congress party, she said, has become a company that supplied MLAs to TRS while BJP talks only about religious issues. There is no party that can question KCR about the issues bothering the masses.  

She fired salvos at KCR saying that he did not fulfill the promises he made during elections. Observing  that nobody is happy in Telangana today, Sharmila spoke of the suicide of a tenant farmer’s family of four and the suicide committed by an unemployed tribal graduate. Comparing KCR with late YSR, she said they are not comparable at all. While YSR did everything for the poor in the area of welfare and development beside providing free education and medical care, KCR, in contrast, reduced fee remuneration, number white cards and has not been paying to the hospitals which are denying medical care for the poor under Arogya Sree.

Sharmila said she is nobody’s proxy. She said she is the arrow of the people for the people and she would work for Telangana relentless whether she gets positions or power or not. She promised to stand by Telangana and fight for every drop of water that should belong to Telangana. She claimed that her credentials as a Telanganite cannot be disputed because she had grown up in Telangana, studies here and raised his children here.

Earlier, Sharmila’s mother Vijaylakshmi asked the people of Telangana to bless her daughter who dedicated herself to serve the people of this State. Vijayamma said Sharmila has YSR’s blood in her veins and she is as particular about a word given as YSR used to be. Vijayamma thanked the people of Khmmam for loving YSR’s family and said the family would ever be grateful to the people of Telangana.

Sharmila, who left Hyderabad early in the morning could reach Khamma well after sunset. She was stopped on the way at several places. At Suryapet she was given a rousing welcome. The meeting at Khammam was well attended in spite of the restrictions imposed by the people.


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