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TDP: Will it be wiped out or bounce back in AP?

  • Panchayat poll results trigger eye brows of TDP leaders
  • Party lost its grip even in its bastions
  • Future looks dim for party

Amravati: The fate and future of TDP party is now in dilemma after witnessing the Panchayat poll mandate of first two phases in AP. It is a clear sweep by ruling party which even entered into the bastions of TDP. This clearly indicates that TDP is losing its base almost in each and every part of the state. After stunning victory and sweep by YSRCP in Assembly polls 2019, the party looks to be increasing its vote share more even after two years rule, which was proven in Panchayat Polls. On the other hand, rival TDP could not even show a respectful fight and bowed down to the force of ruling party.

What Made YSRCP So strong :

The main reason for YSRCP’s victory is fulfilling promises made  in manifesto. Even when State is facing severe financial crisis and crunch with COVID Pandemic, schemes were implemented successfully which helped the party  to win the hearts of people. People did not listen to criticism of Naidu that CM Jagan is pro-Christian or when there was an effort to bring communal divide in the state. People have clearly rejected TDP and now the scenario looks to the  party getting wiped out from another Telugu State in coming days. If it happens, the credit goes to CM Jagan Mohan Reddy who gave grand farewell to senior Congress party  years ago  and now the TDP.

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Jana Sena-BJP becoming alternative :

The Panchayat Poll results also prove that Jana Sena and BJP alliance are emerging as an alternative to ruling party YSRCP in State. Results clearly indicate that Pawan kalyan’s Jana Sena fared better than expected in a few districts. The results may make  them  happy for a moment. It all depends on how the alliance moves forward in future and proves itself as a force to reckon with  and an  alternative to YSRCP. Even the TDP cadre and a few leaders are ready to jump into Jana Sena and BJP alliance in coming days. It all depends upon the result of the Tirupati bypoll. If TDP is pushed back to third position, we can say clearly that the party leaders will move towards BJP-Jana Sena alliance.

Future of TDP :

Though senior analysts and pollsters say the TDP is on the verge of extinction, we can’t predict it right now taking Panchayat results as a graph and parameter. But the main problem with the party is no doubt, its leadership. Party leaders are looking for new blood and the  leader who can take control on the party and can go to public with daring decisions.  No one is visible in the  present scenario. Hindupur MLA Balakrishna recently in Nellore said that he will come onto streets to fight against YCP, but TDP cadre are not  hopeful  that that Balakrishna can revive the party.

Only Hope, but will He?

 The only name which is heard in TDP cadre from Tirupati to Vizag is NTR (Jr). They strongly feel that he can do wonders and magic if he enters the political arena. But as per close aides of NTR, he is not at all interested in politics and will not enter at this juncture. Even the TDP bosses,  neither Naidu nor Balakrishna will give preference to NTR Jr. in the party as per party cadre. NTR’s nephew is in YSRCP and why will he support or enter TDP,  questioned another NTR fan from Rajahmundry. But except senior leaders, all young leaders say that he is the only hope and should enter into politics seriously before TDP gets completely wiped out in the state.

Naidu pins Hopes on Robin Sharma :

TDP President Chandrababu Naidu  pins hopes on strategist Robin Sharma, who is looking after TDP affairs for one year. Robin has earlier worked in Prashant Kishor’s IPAC and CAG team. But his strategy appears to have failed in Panchayat Polls. The local body elections depend upon many issues like face of the candidate, money, police, muscle powers,. We have to wait and see and give Robin some time to work out, said a senior TDP leader of AP.

Will TDP really bounce back or gets wiped out in AP? A party which was floated by a great leader such as NTR who fought for Telugu pride, is now on the verge of dismantling due to miserable mistakes made by seniors before and after NTR’s demise.

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