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Sharmila’s First Litmus Test : Sagar bypoll

  • Speeds up party registration
  • Discussions with aides till late night at Lotus Pond
  • To contest Sagar bypoll as first step
  • Name of the party: YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) or ‘YS Rajanna Rajyam’ (YSRR)

Hyderabad: Y.S. Sharmila looks adamant in going forward with a new party in Telangana. She had a series of lengthy discussions with her followers at Lotus Pond till late night on Tuesday. Deliberate attempts were made by AP CM aides to stop her from launching a party in Telangana, but they appear  to have  failed at the end. As a first step for her party, Sharmila is of the opinion that she should contest in  Sagar bypoll which will be a litmus test for her. This is the main reason, she started working with Nalgonda leaders as per sources. Sharmila is in a hurry to register her party at EC in Delhi. By this month end, party will be registered with names circulating as “YSR Telangana party” (YSRTP) or “YSR Rajanna Rajyam”. Though her followers say, it is in no way connected to YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh, cadre from Kurnool district were seen at Lotus Pond on Tuesday.

Targets both TRS and Congress           

Sharmila targeted both ruling party TRS and the opposition Congress on day one at Lotus Pond. She said her aim is to usher Rajanna Rajyam in Telangana which is missing after YSR’s demise. There is no fee reimbursement, no pakka houses for poor, farmers are in unrest, where is Rajanna Rajyam? She asked. She commented that  her brother Jagan Mohan Reddy  is doing his work in AP and no one is taking care of Rajanna’s ideologies in Telangana. “My brother is elder to me and I hope and believe that his blessings are with me, do You think  he won’t bless me?” She questioned media people during the informal press meet held at Lotus pond. Both TRS and Congress are responsible for dumping YSR’s ideologies and will fight for them, she said.

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Her statements appear to be targeting ruling party, TRS and Congress at present. Political analysts say that she has power of attracting one major community in Telangana,  that is Reddy community. After Congress lost power in Telangana, one of the strong community in Telangana, Reddy, was looking for a leader who can move them forward. Now the leaders who are looking for an opportunity may tilt towards Sharmila as per analysts.

Will this benefit BJP?

Split in Reddy Community and targeting TRS may help BJP as per political analysts. Congress, which has a chance of coming  back to power, may look for an alternative step if Sharmila speeds up her activities. It is the party which will lose more as party has YSR’s followers even today. Split of Congress and TRS votes may favour BJP in future, say the analysts.

Will Sharmila impact  Sagar bypoll?

If Sharmila decided to field a candidate for Sagar byPoll, there will be certain impact on both TRS and Congress as per observers. Nalgonda district has strong Reddy community leaders who can still show impact in elections. Congress has a plan to file Jana Reddy as its candidate (not yet finalised) and TRS looking towards Yadav community and both these communities still show affection towards YSR.  Mere split in votes will show impact on results and this will be tough for TRS, particularly for congress to win, felt a senior political observer.

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Who is the target?

Sharmila’s party target is still not known. Few say it is the game plan by Delhi BJP leaders to halt TRS and Congress in State. Without blessings and information of Delhi BJP leaders, Sharmila can’t take such a step and she is playing  the game as advised  by senior BJP leaders, felt a political observer. On the other hand, few say it is to bring TRS once again into rule, which is facing severe anti incumbency. Split of anti incumbency votes may favour TRS. We have to wait and see which party will be the loser because of the launch of a political party by  Sharmila. But it looks to be certain that her party will contest in Sagar bypoll as per information right now from Lotus Pond sources.

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