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Y.S. Sharmila’s aim: To bring ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ In Telangana

  • Confirms Political entry in Telangana
  • Have blessings of my brother, Jagan, says Sharmila
  • Huge fans gather at Lotus Pond

Hyderabad: News is confirmed that Y.S. Sharmila will float a political party in Telangana in coming days. On the eve of late YSR’s 50th wedding anniversary, Sharmila gave a call to her close followers in the name of ”Atmeeya Sammelanam’ on Feb 9th at 10 am. There were fireworks, flower decorations, drums witnessed before the schedule of the meet in front of Lotus Pond.

Exactly at 10 am Sharmila started her meet with Nalgonda district cadre. After a few minutes, she came out of Lotus Pond and said, she wants to see ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ in Telangana in coming days and for that she will discuss with Rajasekhar Reddy’s followers in Telangana and decide whether to float a party or not.

Gap between Jagan and Sharmila Clearly Visible

Banners and flexies arranged on the way to Lotus Pond welcoming Sharmila were with only images of late YSR, Vijayalakshmi and Sharmila. There was no symbol of YSRCP which indicates the gap between brother and sister. But YSR followers say that they did not get any particular direction or information that banners should be without mark of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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Followers hail late YSR

Huge cadres who came from Khammam, Nalgonda and Ranga Reddy districts said only one word “YSR IS GREAT’ and we came because of the affection for him. We will walk with Sharmila if she launches a party in Telangana. They also said that the rift between Jagan and Sharmila is just a media gossip. When questioned why Sharmila should float a party in Telangana, they replied that YSR Schemes like Arogyasri, farmers Insurance, fees reimbursement all are thrown out after the demise of YSR and TRS is not encouraging such type of schemes which will benefit poor.

Sharmila to meet Top BJP Leaders

Y. S. Sharmila will meet YSR followers in ten districts in Telangana in coming days. After the meet, she will go to Delhi to meet the top BJP heads and take their blessings as per key aides of Sharmila. With a huge public meeting in Ranga Reddy or Nalgonda district, she will announce the party and will start paadayatra from Chevella.

Is this a jolt to TRS?

Political observers say that if Sharmila floats a new party, it will show impact on both tbe TRS and the Congress. Relationship between AP CM and Jagan are in good shape and this may also impact future relations of two Telugu States, felt a YCP sympathiser. Will Sharmila change her mind after she returns from Delhi or will she stick to her words of ushering ‘Rajanna Rajyam’ in Telangana? Lets wait and see


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