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Will Sharmila Float New Party?

  • Speculations rife in electronic media
  • Sharmila condemned speculations a few days back
  • Arrived from Bengaluru to  meet YSR’s key aides on 9th at Lotus Pond
  • What is all this for?

Hyderabad: Speculations on social media and electronic media reached their peak on Monday saying that Sharmila will launch a new party on the eve of YSR’s 50th Wedding anniversary. Reason for the speculation is, Y.S. Sharmila has called some people  for meeting at Lotus Pond on Tuesday at 10 am to discuss her future strategy. There may be nearly 30 to 35 confidants present as per sources.  After seeing a poster in Social media with Sharmila along with her father, late YSR’s image calling upon confidants to come to lotus pond with  slogan,” YSR Samkshemam Sharmilamma Thone Sadhyam” ( YSR’s welfare schemes only possible with Sharmila) with small map of Telangana at the right hand corner raised eye brows in political circles. Interestingly the poster includes images of Vijayalaxmi, Y.S. Jagan (AP CM).

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Will it be only in Telangana?

Rumours gave way after a story was telecasted by an electronic medium saying that Sharmila will launch a political party, exclusively in Telangana. Few questions and doubts were raised on the story that why will she launch only in Telangana? The story telecasted in electronic media added its own  flavor saying that the rift got widened between AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy (her brother) and Sharmila and to teach him a lesson and show her power, she is floating a new party. This was condemned by Sharmila after few days and warned that electronic media that she will file a suit of defamation  if the story is repeatedly telecasted.

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Is the rift really widened?

Political analysts say that it is true that  there is  rift between brother and sister for two years. Sharmila helped her brother a lot with paadayatra when Jagan Mohan Reddy was jailed after he walked out of the then ruling Congress party and launched his own party. But she was not rewarded as expected. Sharmila was about to contest for Lok Sabha in 2019, but Jagan Mohan Reddy  did not give ticket and later she tried for Rajya Sabha which was also negated by her brother. This is the main reason for the rift, felt a senior political analyst in a debate on electronic media. Sharmila has a strong feeling that she was ignored after Jagan became CM, same with her husband brother Anil also, said another analyst.

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KCR’s comments on Sharmila’s party

Interestingly Telangana CM KCR reacted to the rumour  that there is move to launch a new party in Telangana. Without quoting Sharmila’s name, KCR, State Executive meeting held at Pragathi Bhavan on Sunday said that it was not easy to run apolitical party in the present circumstances. It requires lot of strain to launch and run the party, KCR said. He also spoke of a few regional parties floated in past in Telangana by MPs Ale Narender, Vijayashanthi and Devender Goud which had bitten the  dust within no time. K. Chandrasekhar Rao also felt that if a new party is launched now it would not survive for a long time and would wind up within no time.

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What Sharmila aides, YCP leaders say

Sharmila’s  key aides say that the stage is set to launch a political party in Telangana soon. She may throw some light on the same and we are expecting clarity on Tuesday about the issue whether she will launch or she has any other plan of action, said a senior YSRCP leader who was not interested to reveal his name publicly.

But AP state YCP leaders felt that it is an internal matter of the  family  and they are not ready to open their mouth until and unless they get clarity. Majority say it is just a formal YSR’s aides meet on the eve of 50th wedding anniversary of late YSR, but the wind doesn’t looks like that. Congress leaders from Nalgonda and TDP leaders are attending the meet at Lotus Pond tomorrow which will be followed by Khammam district, as per sources.

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Sharmila more adamant than Jagan

Those who observed Sharmila closely say that she is more adamant than her brother Y.S jagan. Once she takes a decision, she will never look back. There are rumours that she will start paadayatra from Chevella as late YSR did before coming to power. Even talks are on social media that Sonia Gandhi tried to win Sharmila into Congress, but the latter refused the offer.

But if Sharmila wants to  ditch  her brother, then why will she float a party in Telangana rather than in Andhra Pradesh? It is the question asked by  YCP cadre. Let’s wait for a few hours to get a clarity, until then watch out speculations on social media and electronic media for now.

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