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Telangana Sero Survey: One among four persons has Covid anti bodies

  • Survey done between Dec and January
  • ICMR Sero survey jointly with NIN showed 24% developed anti bodies
  • Survey conducted in Nalgonda, Janagaon and Kamareddy districts

Hyderabad: National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) officials along with ICMR collected blood samples from people of three districts and tested them for anti bodies. These anti bodies are released when one gets infected by COVID-19. The results released today showed that one out of every four persons contracted the COVID-19 by December 2020, in the third round of Sero Survey. The Sero surveillance is based on the blood samples collected from Janagaon, Kamareddy and Nalgonda districts. The infection trends, transmissions can be documented and studied by ICMR through these repeated tests.

The first round of Sero Survey was conducted in May 2020 and the percentage of people infected by COVID was 0.33%, and samples were collected from the same three districts as said above. The second Survey was done in August 2020 which showed 12.5% of prevalence. But as of now, by December, it went up to 24.1% which is almost similar to that of National average.

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It is all due to the robust containment measures in the State including quarantine, contact tracing, and testing strategies as per ICMR officials of Telangana State. We should appreciate public for adopting COVID-19 protocols before this survey ensured that infection transmission declined drastically, said ICMR nodal officer Dr.A.Laxmiah. But the NIN officials warned that there are 75% chances of susceptibility to this COVID in rural areas and warned people to continue all measures like wearing masks, hand sanitisation and physical distancing for few more months.


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