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Covid vaccine : Indian scientists proved their worth

  • Country walked through Corona crisis
  • No word from developed countries on the miracle
  • Stood as an example for how to handle pandemic

New Delhi: Corona virus entered India, citizens were tensed, surveys predicted huge mortality rate, political parties worried, but nothing happened at the end as expected. Dharavi had not washed away, States with huge number of cases came to normalcy. What is the mystery and miracle that saved country from pandemic with mere impact, nobody knows. But people of the country are lucky and slowly coming out of the crisis witnessed in 2020.

Lock down Impact?

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, gave a call for lock down as soon as the Government came to know that pandemic will spread vigorously in short span. Though the decision impacted economy of the country and the lives of the migrant workers miserable, people of India followed the guidelines issued by Central Government in the first lock down sincerely. This may be the major reason which stopped the increase in number of cases and mortality rate as per experts. When surveys by national media, foreign experts like Hopkins, private agencies said that India will face huge loss by deaths due to Covid and cases will cross 25% of population, nothing was seen at the end until vaccination programme rolled out after 10 months virus attacked India.

Developed countries like US, UK, Germany, and Italy failed miserably in controlling the pandemic when compared to India. There were dead bodies seen in vehicles towards grave yards, waiting for days to get them buried in these countries. Luckily, India escaped from that kind of heart breaking scenes when compared to foreign countries. Due to fear, or respect for Indian Prime Minister or to save their own lives, Indians followed each and every guideline issued by Central or State Governments to maximum extent.

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Traditional habits a reason?

Indians diet is smooth and soft and the ingredients we use in cooking also helped to boost immunity as per experts. For example, Kashyaam which was issued by Ayushman consists nothing but turmeric, Tulasi, ginger, coriander which were used in cooking by all means by Indians. This might have worked as antiviral and saved the people as per health experts. Most importantly Mask and social distancing added to this and saved country from increase in number of cases.

This was not seen in countries such as US, UK where people walked away freely without masks and social distancing enjoying at malls, beaches and get together events. Now the newly elected President of US, Joe Biden, is coming out with an order by making Mask mandatory. In India, vaccine will be given for Tuberculosis, soon after birth or after a few months. This is also said to be one of the major reasons which hardly pushed persons to be infected from Corona virus. This TB vaccination is not seen in Country like US even today.

Words can’t express the dedication of Indian Scientists

On one side, our scientists continued the war against virus by coming out with a vaccine on a war footing. Indian pharma industry had witnessed glory when foreign delegates of 62 countries visited out companies like Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India (SII) to know about the vaccine preparation. The hard work of scientists day and night resulted in vaccines like Covaxin and Covishield. The vaccine Covishield, though, was developed by Oxford University which sent a small parcel of medicine in May 2020 to SII while the Covaxin in desi, domestically developed vaccine by Bharat Biotec. The mass production of Covishield was taken up by SII. Happy to hear that India is coming out with four more vaccines in a short span from now. This is the greatness of Indian scientists who did their job extremely well when compared to other countries.

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Vaccine rollout creates world record

For a country with more than 138 crore population, there should be a proper plan for the vaccine roll out. Indian Government came out with blue print a few weeks before the world’s largest vaccination programme started. It took all precautions at vaccination centres and created record in inoculation of vaccine to two lakh people in first two days, which is said to be record.

Politics aside and country first

Politicians of different parties can fight on the local issues but when matters on an issue like pandemic or vaccine, it is a pity to see they are divided. It will be better for the country if all politicians unite at this time and help citizens to come forward to take vaccination without doubt or fear. Our vaccines are said to be safe when compared to the vaccines in foreign countries where adverse reactions were noticed after inoculation. Even Bharat Biotech came up with a challenge that if anyone  gets unwell after taking their vaccine, all loss will be borne by their company.  

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