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Raghurama to KCR: Take action against Hyderabad police

  • They cooperated with AP police during arrest
  • Hyderabad police neglected their duties
  • 10 page letter to KCR by Raghurama

Hyderabad: Narasapuram MP, rebel YCP leader, wrote a letter to Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao urging him to take action on Hyderabad police for their negligence during his arrest by AP CID police. The MP  alleged that the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police and Gachibowli police have cooperated with AP police when they illegally arrested him at his residence in Gachibowli few days back.

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Hyderabad police are accountable for alleged custodial violence launched against him, the MP said. The AP police  subjected the MP to severe torture by making  five masked men in the custody to beat him which resulted in severe injuries in his legs, the MP further alleged in his letter. The ill motivated arrest was supported by Telangana police where I was man handled even though I am representative of people, the MP added. The MP also wrote letters to top leaders in Delhi and in Telugu states including Prime Minister and  Union Home Minister. The episode of Raghurama appears to be a continuous process attacking his rivals through letters.

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Raghu Ramakrishnam Raju, who took the matter as a matter of pride and prestige said that CID additional SP Vijaypal violated the interstate protocols and Telangana police did not question the AP CID police when they arrested him in Gachobowli.

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Meanwhile, Narasapuram MP Raghu  Ramakrishnam Raju underwent a medical tests at AIIMS and reports say that he had severe tissue damage to his legs. He was advised to take two weeks bed rest by doctors.

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