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Raghurama Kirshnam Raju approaches SC for Bail

  • Special leave petition filed by Advocate Aadinarayana Rao
  • May come up for hearing within 48hrs
  • MP was beaten in custody by unidentified persons, says PIL

Amaravati: The episode of MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju’s arrest is taking twists and turns till late in Saturday night. After High Court dismissed bail plea in house motion petition on Saturday afternoon, the MP approached special division bench stating that he was beaten severely by unknown persons during custody. The Special bench under Justice Praveen Kumar took the issue seriously and directed GGH and Ramesh Hospital doctors to submit Medical reports on injuries by Sunday Morning on or before 10.30 am. HC warned CID officials that action will be strict if it is proven that the injuries are due to their interrogation in custody.

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CID Court remanded MP Raghurama Raju until May 28th. It allowed him to maintain Y category security and details were disclosed by Attorney General Lakhsminarayana. Raghgurama is currently being taken to Guntur Government Hospital for medical examination, after which he will be treated at Ramesh Hospital. However, advocate Lakshmi Narayana said that the MP would not be sent to jail till his health improves.

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Krishnam Raju misleading Court

Additional Advocate General Ponnavolu Sudhakar said that Raghuram is misleading the court. HC dismissed Raghuram’s petition in the afternoon. The family members brought lunch to MP in the afternoon, until then he was normal. When the petition was dismissed, Raghurama enacted new drama. However, the CID Court suggested inspecting and reporting by Sunday morning, Sudhakar Reddy said.

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Raghurama claims that he was beaten up by five unknown persons during CID custody. Five persons who wore masks on their faces, tied my legs and beat me with rubber sticks, MP said. If this is true and proven by medical reports, the issue is going to rock Delhi circles as the matter is related to sitting MP who is under Y category security, says political sources.

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Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court

Meanwhile, Aadinarayana, advocate,  filed special leave petition in Supreme Court. As per PIL, his client was arrested illegally without prior notices, and was beaten up in custody. He is a heart patient and his health is also not good and requesting bail, reads PIL. Hearing may come up within 48 hrs from now as per the advocates.



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