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Raghurama Krishnam Raju has to wait for bail

  • Will be produced before magistrate on Saturday
  • MP should get bail through court
  • For this, he has to wait up to Monday

Amravati: MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju’s son, Bharat said that the arrest of his father was done through pucca sketch (plan). Reasons for his statement is the time and the day of the arrest which is evening of Friday. The CID officials are on the way to Vijayawada and will produce them  MP before a magistrate on Saturday morning as per sources. The MP should get bail through court as per the sections booked by CID officials. His followers claim that arrest on birthday of his leader is clear way of vendetta by AP CM and his aides.

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High drama before arrest

CID officials from Andhra Pradesh reached Hyderabad on Friday morning and stayed at a villa near Gachibowli. They came to know that MP is at his residence. Exactly at 3.30 pm, 30 to 35 officials reached MP’s residence and tried to give notice under Sections 124(A), 153(B), 505IPC, 120(B). When family members refused to take notice, CID officials forcibly took Raghurama into their custody. Out of 5 CID teams, 2 teams stayed back in Hyderabad for further arrests in connection with the cases filed against Raghurama Raju. Names of the persons who are going to be taken into custody still remain a suspense. As per the section 120(B), which states that conspiracy by more than two persons against a person or government, there has to be at least one more person. Who is the person other than the MP?

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Raghurama has been critic of YSR Government

Narasapuram MP has been very critical on ruling party on various issues. MP filed a case demanding revocation of bail of AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy and the hearing of the case is supposed to be on coming Monday, 17th. The MP also made serious allegations against Y.V. Subba reddy by describing him as a corrupted person and he has evidences to prove his statement. Raghurama also said that Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy is keeping fake posts against him in social media and will lodge complaint against him in High Court in coming days. Raghurama also filed PIL on Friday in High Court against Govt’s tie up with Amul’s Dairy Project in the State.This all may have led to arrest of the MP as per political sources.

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