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Raghurama complains CID used third degree on him

  • High drama at sixth Additional Munsif Magistrate court
  • Special Division bench to take up the case
  • Remand report on MP to be cancelled?

Guntur: Yes, it’s a high drama witnessed at Sixth Additional Munsif Magistrate Court in Guntur.  After High Court rejected the bail petition of MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju , his lawyers told judges that police took law into their  hands and used third degree methods during interrogation which resulted in severe injuries on legs. The arrested MP also gave written representation to District Court that CID police have beaten him. Senior advocates filed a fresh PIL before judges on behalf of Raghurama stating that a fresh division bench should be formed to hear the petitions of their client. Special bench was formed at the head of Justice Praveen Kumar and court took petition of MP into consideration on injuries on his legs.

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“What is going on in the state? How can they interrogate using third degree? If the injuries are termed as fresh and result of police lathis, severe action will be taken against  CID police” said Judges. Senior Supreme Court Advocate Aadinarayana, filed two petitions in Court, one for bail and other shifting him to a corporate hospital rather than Government one for treatment of injuries.

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Bail plea dismissed in HC

High Court dismissed bail plea after advocates filed house motion on behalf of the MP on Saturday afternoon. HC asked why Raghurama has come directly to High Court instead of approaching local session’s court for bail. Raghurama’s lawyer argued that client is a Member of Parliament and CID officials arrested him without preliminary notice or any evidence. Additional Advocate General (AAG) on behalf of Government said that the MP hatched conspiracy by joining hands with two media channels to defame the government and also instigated the people along the caste and religious lines.

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Will this impact Jagan’s bail cancellation plea?

The arrest of the MP and the alleged third degree interrogation may show impact on cancellation of AP CM’s bail as per political sources. MP Krishnam Raju counsel members are ready to project this issue to the notice of CBI court on May 17th, buttress  their argument. In the PIL filed in CBI court it was clearly mentioned that Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is trying to influence the witnesses in cases against him and now the series of episodes from Friday evening clearly shows that complainant is harassed by Government officials. “If this is happening to an MP, one can imagine what the witnesses are going through, and it is a clear ground to cancel the bail,” comment Raghurama’s advocates.

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