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Raghurama’s cell chat key evidence, says CID

  • Inquiry on 48 videos uploaded by MP
  • All videos related to hatred on community and Government
  • Raghurama’s aides fear of arrest

Guntur: Naraspuram MP Raghurama Krishnam Raju’s cell phone chat with key persons is the main evidence, claim AP CID officials. The chat is linked with 48 videos uploaded by MP which contain hate speech on a religious ground meant  for tarnishing the Government. Now the main tension for MP’s aides is their turn of arrest if CID feels their chat is also a part in political vendetta. Few names are circulating in CID official circle for violating constitution promoting hate speeches.

Krishna District MP, key person in mobile chat?

AP CID officers found a name of an MP belonging to Krishna district, who is mastermind behind rise in Raghurama’s voice against Government. However, the police did not reveal the name of the MP and to which party he belongs to. The name of the MP was sealed in a cover which will be submitted to court during hearing as per sources. Police, who opened Raghurama’s cell phone found that  Raghurama has calls and chats with Krishna district MP for many times and Raju worked on his guidelines during the press meets. Followers of that MP went onto disclosed location with a fear of arrest, says police sources.

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18 tests to be done on Raghurama

Raghurama Krishnam Raju is at GGH hospital from Saturday night after CID court ordered for medical tests when MP complained about third degree in CID custody. The medical report will be submitted by afternoon of Sunday. MP will be shifted to Ramesh hospital and another team of doctors will repeat the tests to identify whether the injuries are due to police interrogation or not. As per doctors version, 18 tests have to be performed to know the facts; meanwhile MP’s advocated filed a special leave petition in Supreme Court seeking bail.

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Five unknown persons tortured me: Raghurama

Raghuram Krishnam Raju said that he was beaten badly by unidentified persons in CID custody. They tied my legs with ropes and beat me with sticks and fiber sticks on soles. Another man … hit me on both my soles with a rubber stick (fiber stick). Then I was told to walk around the room. I walked, after that I was beaten on the soles again. They wanted me to walk again, this time I could not walk. Then they left.”  MP said.

If this is proven true , action on CID officers will be severe as per Court sources. Using third degree on a sitting MP in custody is creating ripples in political circles across country. Now all eyes are on Supreme Court and we have to see whether Court will give bail or not which will be known in few hours from now.

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