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Jagan completes 2 years of rule, a review

  • Implements social welfare schemes despite lockdown effects
  • Reaches poor, BCs, SCs, STs with perfect agenda like Navaratnalu
  • Wins all polls to panchayat, municipalities  and Tirupathi LS
  • People express satisfaction while opposition accuses of corruption

Amaravati: May 30th, Sunday, marks the completion of two years of rule by AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy. His two years rule is mainly marked with welfare schemes which fetched him more mileage dominating opposition claims of acute corruption or controversial decisions like three capitals or critical comments on SEC and High Court decisions.

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The main points to be discussed in his rule are welfare schemes. In the name of Navaratanalu, Jagan came up with Amma Vodi, enhanced pension, fee reimbursement, YSR zero interest scheme, Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) ,Goru Mudda, free power to farmers, sampoorna poshana to children and many more to his credit. He also came up with schemes for farmers, weavers, lawyers, auto rickshaw drivers, hawkers, fishermen which covered every section of the people. To his credit he covered upper castes like Brahmins, Kapus and Reddy’s besides minorities in the welfare schemes. The new trend of establishing gram volunteers and village, ward secretariats with a view to bringing administration close to the villages fetched YSRCP massive goodwill at grassroots. Nearly 30,000 village and ward volunteers are working in delivering the benefits of schemes at the door step of beneficiaries. It is said to be a land mark of his rule. Decision on house sites for weaker sections of the population is said to be another achievement of Reddy’s rule.

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Failure in Industrial and Infrastructural development

The main failure of the Government as of today is said to be non-focus on Industrial and Infra development. Government came up with an Industrial policy with lot of incentives to the sector but it did not fetch positive results and no major industries have been grounded yet in the state and no new Infrastructural projects have been seen until now. This is said to be a clear drawback in his rule. State finances are crippled due to COVID pandemic and state borrowed enormous amounts to run the welfare schemes. Whether the government would be able to continue to dole out for the welfare scheme in future has to be watched.

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Vendetta Politics, confrontations with Constitutional Institutions

Besides welfare schemes, YCP government came up with acts of vengeance against opposition parties and confrontation with Constitutional Institutions. He is fighting against judiciary. When a few decisions taken in a hurry came under scanner of the judiciary, the government was found wanting. Three capitals decision, Introducing English medium in all Government schools, removing SEC by promulgating an ordinance, painting of Government buildings with party colours are a few which have come under High Court’s scanner. His tirade against judiciary, lodging complaint with former CJI Bobde, accusing Justice Ramana  (Present CJI) of colluding with former Chief Minister ChandrababuNaidu anda few judges of the state High Court to dislodge his Government were some of the controversial actions. He attributed land scam in Amravati to CJI Ramana which was dismissed later by the then Supreme Court Chief Justice Bobde.

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Naidu not spared

Locking horns with opposition TDP and bringing farmers of Amaravti to the fore is described as a vendetta politics by opposition parties. Cases and arrests of TDP State Unit President Atchen Naidu, Kollu Ravindra, Dhulipala Narendra, Chintamaneni, J.C. Prabhakar Reddy, BC. Janardhan Reddy are cited by opposition parties as instances of  his vendetta politics.  Government did not let off TDP President Chandrababu Naidu in this aspect and booked cases on allegations of his role in acquisition of assigned lands in Amravati. Booking sedation case against his rebel MP Raghurama is attributed to his intolerance by political experts.

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Another bigger challenge he faced was series of attacks or thefts in several Hindu temples. On the whole two years of Jagan’s Government is said to be mixture of good and bad, with welfare schemes as the former and inability or less focus on Industrial, Infrastructural development as latter.

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