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Why Goda wanted this Sri Vrata- Tiruppavai

Tiruppavai 27

Tamil Pashuram

Koodarai Vellum seer Govinda, Undrannai





AadaiyUduppom Adhan PinnePaarShoru


KoodiYirundhuKulirindh el or empaavaai

English Poem 27

O Govinda, You will win rivals with valour,

We, sing your glory, seek Parai, and honours of

World recognition, Precious Bangles for wrists,

Golden Arm bands, Ear tops & hangings, silver

Anklets for feet, and attractive Garments for us

To wear, to reach Your divine association,

To enjoy delicacies of milk, rice, sweet with Ghee

flowing over elbows, just to be with You, forever.

The poetess Godamma started the 30-poem-Tiruppavai explaining the rigours of Siri Nomu, the Vratam, like do not wear flowers instead, offer each flower to Krishna; do not eat Ghee or other tasty delicacies which divert your focus from Krishna. Then, she wakes up ten Gopika leaders and Alwars. Along with Gopikas, Goda had proximate darshan of Lord Krishna. But in later 26th and 27thPashurams she is asking for somethings. Why so? What is her real aim or purpose of the Vratam?

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In this PashuramGoda expresses her desire and that of the Gopikas, her friends in Sri Villi Puttur, which she considers as Vrepalle or Brindavanam.  After having Darshan of Lord Krishna, they praise the glory of Bhagawan, Hail His adventures in defeating demons and helping the good and peaceful.  As the Vratam is reaching its conclusion, she is expressing the desire, what they really intend to have from Krishna. They are asking for perpetual association with Sri Krishna. The Vratam that began with don’ts like ‘no ghee, no sweets, no flowers’ etc, the Gopikas are now requesting for certain things which bring them nearer to God besides cherishing the constant touch with Him. 

In the 26thPashuram, they asked for Margalil Holy bath with Sri Krishna. They were praying toLaskhmi to permit Sri Krishna to be with them. They demanded Sri Krishna, some Conches, like His Panchajanyam symbolising the Knowledge; Parai, the music instrument which also mean the world beyond the worldly material things; the Singers of glory of Vishnu; the lamp representing Mother Lakshmi, Garuda Dwajam – the flag, Ananta Naga suggesting the tent, etc. The reason behind asking for Conch, which Vishnu needs always is that they can always live in proximity with Krishna.  They were in fact, asking for Lord Krishna Himself, without saying so. He asks them “You are asking my weapons, Lakshi, my devotees, Ananta, Garuda etc. Do you want to win me over completely”? Gopikas respond, “O God, it is impossible for us and we do not intend so, it is your unique quality to win all”. God again asks “Okay, please tell me what do you want exactly from me?”.

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The events thereafter are explained in subsequent Pashurams. Today she is in front of the Lord, she addresses the Lord who wins over people unwilling to join Him or vanquishes those who are not following the righteous path. They say, “we are singing your praise and seek from your hands gifts that the world will be enamoured of.  We seek from Your hands, lovely garlands and earrings and many other ornaments, then lovely garments too. We will adorn ourselves when these are given by Your hands as if You adorn us yourselves. We make up ourselves just to please You and enjoy in Your presence. And after presenting ourselves well, we will eat Paayasam, i.e, rice cooked in milk, sugar and ghee as your Prasadam which will be full of ghee that flows down our elbow as we consume. And being in unison with you, in your company, partaking of the gifts and the food, we remain together and happy and blissful, which we desire to have perpetually.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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