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Why Gopikas Ask for Conch of Krishna

Tiruppavai – 26

Tamil Pashuram

Maaley! Manivanna! MaargazhiNeeraaduvaan



PaalannaVannathu un Paanchajanyamey

PolvanaSangangal poi-p-paaduUdaiyanave


Kola VilakkeyKodiyeyVithaaname

AalinIlayai! Arul-el or empaavai

English Poem 26

Lord on Banyan Leaf, like lively Blue Sapphire,

 We came doing best practices for Margali Bath,

If You listen, We tell our desire: Grant the Conches

Like your milky white, resounding Panchajanya

That sends spine-chilling terror in enemies and

Free your devotees from fear; Big Drums to

Attract many; melodious Singers; Bright Lamps

Flags & Decorative cloths to hail your glory.

Gopikas and Goda asked for Conch – the Sankh. Not the Chakra – a sharp disc which cannot be handled by anybody except Krishna.  Once his childhood friend Sri Malikudu, insisted to have Krishna’s Chakra. He warned him about the risks with Chakra. He still wanted. Krishna gave it to him, but he has mishandling that resulted in his death. It is like risking life by mishandling the dangerous weapons like AK 47.

When they asked for Conches, Parai (drum), bright lamps, Singers, Flag and Decorative Cloths, Tents to protect their heads from snow, God doubts, do I have so many with me to give you all?  Then Goda says, you contain the several families of Universes within you and sleep like a pretty baby on banyan leaf as if you do not know anything.Can’t you give us these small things?

Krishna then thinks that he should give them certain things similar to those they asked. Gets one conch from Vishnu templeand offers a musical instrument used by him at the time of eating butter in Nanda Vraja. SingerNammalwar was given. Towards flag, Garuda was asked to join Gopikas. For Umbrella he gave the SheshaVastram, a cloth he has worn. And above all, to meet their demand for light, He asked Mother Lakshmi to be with them. Mother is of such a great light and life for all, equal to God Himself. It is said as He cannot be everywhere, He created Mothers. Gopikas desired them as they were all closely related to and associated with Vishnu.

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Krishna was born to one and came to the other mother only to associate with Gopikas, who were thinking how to get Him nearer.  He was mad afterGopikas, makes Gopikasgo mad for Him, enabling comparison between themselves. He is mad with these feelings, says the great interpreter of Tiruppavai, Sri BhashyamAppalacharya. Krishna is an embodiment of love.  Lakshmi who is born out of lotus, loved the colour of Hari and settled permanently on His chest.  He is like a precious stone, whoever has it feels Krishna Mani is his life; without Him there is no life at all. The Mani – diamond will always help others and cannot do anything for self.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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