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As child on banana leave, Krishna Beginning to Create

26. Tiruppavai Stories

Oh Vishnu, Your shining is like the blue sapphire resting on the leaf of Banyan tree, when the whole universe is on the edge of devastation. You are capable of making possible those impossible things. We want to have your divine association like holy bath during MargaShirsha month of winter mornings. Following the path of elders, we came to You to tell what we want, if You are willing to listen to us. Grant us such conches likethe milky white Panchajanya that can send spine-chilling terror in enemies and make the devotees feel assured and fearless- Abhayam; big drums (Parai) which can give notice and attract many melodious musicians who can sing praising Your glory and hail You; the bright lamps that guide us; flags, decorative cloths so that we all worship You as part of this Vratham.

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Vibhishana’s apprehensions

Goda addresses Krishna as Maale, the Supreme Being, which explains the unbounded affection of Krishna for his devotees, over and above the love of devotees. Rama is known for accepting and protecting those seeking his help. Vibheeshan was apprehending whether Rama would suspect him as he was brother of Ravana, while Rama was thinking why Ravanawas not coming to him, expecting at least his brother. Sri Krishna loves his associates, friends, Gopikas, Cows and every being and non-living thing that is around.

Ashwatthama Undeserving

One should deserve to hold the weapons of mass destruction. Brahmastra is one such weapon, which in the hands of Ashwatthama, an undeserving person, created havoc.

When Vishnu appears before Subhrahmanya Swamy who did penance on the banks of Pushkarini in Tirumala, (That is why it is called Swami Pushkarini), Shiva also appeared to meet Vishnu. Attracted by theenvironmental beauty of Tirumala Hills, Shiva expressed desire to stay over there. Vishnu says that entire Tirumala Hills is the Adishesha, his cot and bed and Shiva can reside at the serene end point of Tirumala Hills, which is now known as Kapila Teertham. This place is very sacred with the spring of divine water flowing from Tirumala Hills, where Alwars used to stay and take bath. Hence it is also called Alwar Theertham. Shiva being a great friend of Vishnu, also desired to have the Disc of Vishnu. Vishnu did not give because of the risk involved. Sankh and Chakra of Vishnu generally cannot be handled by others. Sankh is so dear to Vishnu, that He cannot imagine life without it. Hence, Gopikas wanted it as that compels Vishnu to be always with them.

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Krishna loves Alwaars

Maale Mani Varna means one who love us most. His love for those who take shelter under Him is self-shining light like blue sapphire emitting light on its own. His affectionate character is reflected in His bodily colour. Krishna always thinks as to how he can help his devotees. Unparalleled warrior Krishna does not hesitate to do small jobs like a charioteer for his five Pandava devotees. Alwar means one who strongly loves Vishnu. But Vishnu loves Alwars many times more than them. Perumal desires to have Alwars more thanAlwars desire to have Perumal.

What Gopikas are seeking from Krishna

MaaleManivanna is the pet name which Yashoda used to call Krishna. When Gopikas thoughtfully addressed Him with this lovely name of his mother, He was pleased but hiding his pleasure he smiles and asks them to come out with their desires. There is no reciprocal bargain with God, like I break coconuts, you grant me this, etc. Gopikas know that. We have not performed Vrataexpecting anything.You said you would give ussomething. Okay, if you think of giving something to us,we will take it. But we have not come for that. We want You, Your association, Your affection, to bathe in Your glory, to sing it and to hail you.

Goda proposes three principles of Vrata, for our general life too. One- we should follow the path suggested and trodden by elders and should not do what they have not done. Do not do such works prohibited by the experienced elders.  Two- from those good deeds of elders, you can doa few agreeable to youin your context and for your welfare. And three- if someone questions you why are you doing so, you can have enough courage to say that I am convinced with what elders practiced and hence doing.  It does not mean that you have to do all those better practices of the elders of their times.

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This 26th song of Goda symbolizes the Charama Shloka –


Aham Twa SarvaPaapebhyo Moksha YishyamiMaashuchah.

He says give up everything, surrender totally, I will take care of everything.  Holy bath in Marga Shirsha means the association with Krishna.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.


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