Hindu Sindhu

Avesta which is a language of the Ancient Iranians and Zoroastrians is a dialect of the Ancient language of Sanskrit and a tendency of this language was to change a Sanskrit “S” into an Iranian “H” the most famous example being “Sindhu” which becomes “Hindu”.

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Another example is Sapta which means “seven” becoming Hapta whose meaning is “seven.” We have Sarasvati becoming “Harasvati.” We have Sarayu becoming “Harayu.” We have Soma which becomes “Homa.” We have Asura which becomes “Ahura.” We have Svar which becomes “Hvar” and we also find “Sana” whose meaning is “old” becoming the Avesta “Hana” whose meaning is “old.”

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This is proof to say that the word ‘Sindhu’ is changed to Hindu by others. The above two paragraphs are taken from a write up by an unknown author.

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Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur had been a Lecturer in English. He is a poet, critic and translator. His interests are Literature, Philosophy and social media.


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