What Balakrishna said on the demand to draft Jr.NTR into TDP?

  • Balakrishna celebrated his birthday on June 11th
  • He gave interview to electronic media on the occasion
  • Cleared doubts about his son Mokshagna film debut too

Hyderabad: Balakrishna turned 61 on June 11th and his fans celebrated on a grand scale across Telugu States. On the occasion, film star Balakrishna gave interviews to different electronic media and shared his views on movies and politics. He also reacted on NTR junior’s possible entry into full-pledged politics.

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When questioned whether he accept if the party reins were to be given to him and if he ever asked his brother-in-law Chandrababu Naidu to give the reins to him,  Balakrishna responded directly by revealing that he had never asked Chandrababu to give reins to him .But NBK said that he would not hesitate to take it if such a situation arose and he had the ability to run the party. But he clarified that if Lokesh, his son-in-law and Naidu’s son and the heir  apparent in the TDP, comes in his way, he would give way.

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Nothing wrong with wanting fans to take reins

He replied indirectly when anchor questioned him about NTR junior. Balakrishna said that there was nothing wrong with fans to asking their hero to take reins of the party, but a cinema hero cannot enter politics and straight away take the reins of the party. When anchor repeatedly questioned  whether  it would be advantageous to the  party if NTR returned, Balakrishna paused for a long time without answering and laughed it away as usual. But at last he reacted in his style and his words did not give clarity at the end, here is what he said:

 It can be plus or minus, once it is plus then it can be minus too, so it is not good to be first plus then minus, first minus then plus then it is okay but first plus then minus is not good.He further explained plus and plus, minus and minus can be still good but not plus and minus.

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Mokshagna debut into Tollywood soon

Balakrishna said that there will be definitely a sequel for Aditya 369 movie in coming days. He also revealed that he and his son Mokshagna will act together in the film. He recalled that he has acted with his father even when he first came into movies and that he had used his experience to teach him skills at that time. He  surprised the people  by saying that he is composing story for the sequel to ‘Aditya 369’.

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Balakrishna revealed that Aditya 369 director Singitam Srinivas Rao, who heard the story, also commented that neither he nor Balakrishna himself could do justice to the director who directed the first part of the story and that he should not hand over the story to any other directors.

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